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Hi, I'm starting an SC2 Dev Group called MiSi;

MiSi will be ran on Discord, and will ideally, be working on several Map and/or Mod Projects at a time, Members will be able to choose what Projects they wish to work on, and will be separated by their Roles; which detail the Types of Work they can contribute.

With several Roles, Members will be diverse in Skills and will be better able to co-operate with others. Members will be able to propose their own Projects and proposed Projects have their own Channels, which Members who join the Projects can use to help them Develop and Communicate.

Proposed Projects each have 3 Role-Tiers, Entry-Tier, Development-Tier, and Moderation-Tier; leaders of the Project enter with Moderation-Tier, while Coders and File-Editors enter as Development-Tier; Idea-Makers and Balancers enter as Entry-Tier. Tiers are selected based on the Skill-Type Roles of the Member.

All Finished or Ready Maps and Mods will be Officially Uploaded to BNet under the MiSi Account and all Map Descriptions and Loading Screens will host Links to the Discord as well as an Explanation that MiSi is a Group and not one person. All Credits to Participants in a Project will be compiled into the Project List on the Discord.

Do you want to join MiSi or learn more? Join https://discord.gg/tsEBkY6 to join as a Fan; if you wish to join as a Member, fill out an Application in the 'role-application' Text Channel, and visit the FAQ to find how to Propose or Join a Project's Team, or wait until the Group has grown large enough to actually finish a Project.

Currently, MiSi hosts 1 Potential Project, intended as a Starter-Project to help us figure out if this form of Map Making is feasible, as well as it being a relatively Small Project, however if completed will ensure that we as a Team can create many diverse Features, and Accomplishments in the future. This does not mean that Project-Proposals are off the table right now, everything is open ^~^ Hope to see you there!~
+1, this is the Account which will be used.

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