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I'm genuinely curious about poster's win rates in each match up so far this season, the composition they use in each match up and what league and tier they are. I'll start:

T2 Platinum Terran

TvP - 31 Games - 18 wins and 13 losses - 58% - Bio
TvT - 36 Games - 17 wins and 19 losses - 47% - Mech
TvZ - 37 Games - 22 wins and 15 losses - 59% - Mech

Total - 106 Games - 58 wins and 48 losses - 54%
So, is anyone interested in sharing their win rates, compositions and league?
zvp is 58% 115 - 83
zvt is 38% 100 - 154
zvz is 52% 130 - 116

and i fluctuate anywhere from like 4400 - 4900 MMR .. i get really bad days where i probably shouldn't even press play and lose like 10 games in row..

i've also gone 24-3 in a day.. so i'm all over the place, sometimes i'm a god and sometimes i'm a scrub..

and honestly i do all sorts of things in all match ups depending on their build..

but i tend to do a lot of muta play in zvz,

i just lose vs terran... doesn't matter what i do it feels

zvp - got most of my wins when we still had overlord drop. now i feel kind of lost it's hard to do early damage to stay even or get ahead.... try and macro but then they just 2 base pressure because nothing is stopping them.. sigh..
I haven't actually got my stats ATM. I will need to do my SC2replay stats cause I've been doing a lot of unwanted ATM.
I'm not sure we can get enough numbers to do any kind of analysis, but I don't mind putting up mine. I squeaked into Diamond 1 at one point, but most of my games have been with a Diamond 2 MMR.

ZvP - 52 games - 29W, 23L - 56%
ZvT - 68 games - 23W, 45L - 34%
ZvZ - 71 games - 44W, 27L - 62%
Diamond 2 Random

PvP: 8 games, 87% (7-1), Void Ray/Immortal/Stalker/Chargelot

PvT: 15 games, 53% (8-7), Chargelot/Archon/Immortal

PvZ: 17 games, 47% (8-9), Chargelot/Archon/Immortal

TvP: 9 games, 44% (4-5), Cyclone/Banshee/Hellbat/Medivac (I do that now, most losses are me trying to play Bio previously)

TvT: 14 games, 35% (5-9), Mech, sometimes BCs. Been pretty experimental with different builds instead of sticking to one so this makes sense.

TvZ: 16 games, 50% (8-8). Hellion/Cyclone into Hellbat/Cyclone/Ghost/Medivac.

ZvP: 4 games, 100% (4-0). Early Hydra/Slowling push into upgraded Hydras + Nydus Worms or Mutas.

ZvT: 8 games, 75% (8-6). Early Hydra push into Hydra/Muta (Mutas for harassment and killing dropships) into Hydra/Lurker/Broodlord/Corruptor.

ZvZ: 14 games, 64% (9-5). Early +1 Roaches into more Roaches.
Diamond Terran (zerg offrace also plat/diamond mmr)

TvP : try mech but cant get it to wotk at this level 37 games won 6 lost 31 WR 16%

TvT: mech 45 games won 27 lost 18 WR 60%

TvZ: mech 54 games won 28 lost 26 WR 51%

Zerg offrace with absolutely zero build knowledge, just macro games

ZvP : 12 games won 7 lost 5 WR 58%

ZvT: 9 games won 8 lost 1 WR 88%

ZvZ: 18 games won 6 lost 12 WR 33%
M1 Terran
5K-5K2 MMR fluctuation

TvP 63% 19-11 Bio
TvT 53% 16-14 Bio
TvZ 55% 21-17 Bio

Overall 56-42 - 57% Winrates

M1 Protoss
5K2-5K5 MMR fluctuation

PvP 55% 26-21 Classic PvP
PvT 51% 19-18 Classic PvT
PvZ 44% 31-38 Classic PvZ

Overall 76-78 - 49% Winrates
Diamond 2-3 Random(~3,9-4k MMR) + all 3 races themself (4times ranked in)

PvP 17games 13 wins 4 loses 76%
PvT 26games 15 wins 11 loses 58%
PvZ 24games 11 wins 13 loses 45%

TvP 18games 12wins 6 loses 66%
TvT 12games 5 wins 7 loses 41%
TvZ 25games 20wins 5 loses 80%

ZvP 12 games 8 wins 4 loses 66%
ZvT 12 games 8 wins 4 loses 66%
ZvZ 23games 11wins 12 loses 48%

I am in Mirrors except PvP xD
63 - 42PvP 77 - 65PvT 61 - 89PvZ Most of those games are unranked Protoss at 4000mmr against 4100-4200 players avording to sc2replaystats.

Some days ago I finished my achievement with toss so I restarted playing with random again, some numbers are screwed because I need to git gud after too much time without playing that matchup/not knowing the meta.

My ranked numbers at 4100mmr as random

pvp 2-3 40% Obviously I need more games so I could get around 60% with two base gameplay if the enemy expand too early.

PvT 8-5 60% Usually I get fast blink-robo with fast obs into chargelot inmo-colo.
PvZ 1-3 25% As every protoss, I open with stargate, adepts for scout and chrgelot and then mass inmo-HT-colo into skytoss. I win almost every time if the game reaches late, usually I die to mass hydra while taking the third, some cheeses on early, and lurker pushes when I don't have enoug aoe.

TvP 2-8 20%, I'm very rusty with terran and I need to learn timings, so every toss destroy me with chargelots.
TvT 3-10 25% I die a lot to early cheeses with cyclone and several all ins because my timins are bad.
TvZ 8-7 53% I play mech because I'm not good enough with bio (one mistake and bio gets destroyed). With mech I can get more from my macro and win on long games.My style is not turtly, I try to attack with hellions, banshees, and my composition never includes mass raven mass ghost or mass pf/sensor tower. I like to play with tanks, thors and hellbats mostly.

ZvP 10-2 83% I play agressive-macro/switch style with ling-roach-baneling/ling hidra, I don't like it but I do it as a joke because I know toss early game is terrible and playing legit only means turtle from toss and mass inmortal.

ZvT 8-6 57% I usually play with lings, roaches and mutas. I rarely use t3 units, always liked playing with low tier units.

ZvZ 17-3 Baneling wars every game, I try to be efficient on early to get enough eco on my nat and then I start the war, I usually win because my micro and game sense is far better than my oponents, they are patchzergs who has their rank so I can win with bad injects and superior micro and attacks from several sides.

I think I could get master since I'm at 4200mmr with zerg and a really good winrate, but the race is kinda easy so I don't have motivation, I prefer playing 4fun trying to get gud as random and specially triying to improve my terran.
TvP - 41% - bio
TvZ - 52% - bio
TvT - 61% - mech
I'm honestly not sure about my p and z stats as I've been playing a lot of Terran recently. I've got a single z game this season and maybe 10ish p games. Around 40-50 t games though so that's a little more accurate. Without being in game I can't say specifics.

I know my tvt is some crazy high percent though, as in 80+% winrate while tvz and TvP are both around 50% give or take a game or two. Once I'm online later I'll update this with the actual numbers if I remember.

In tvp I play bio with some mech support, and in tvt and TvZ I play mech with some bio support. Hard to explain in a reasonable timeframe, but I've found good success using it. Very clear in my tvt which I think I'm 11-2 in.
04/05/2018 08:49 AMPosted by ProRazer
TvP - 41% - bio
TvZ - 52% - bio
TvT - 61% - mech

How do you feel about Bio in TvZ compared to Mech? A lot of people have said that Bio is a lot worse, but I am not so sure.

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