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Hey all! It’s time to talk about a fan favorite Commander, Nova. As we mentioned in the last Community feedback post, we feel that Nova is in a good place right now, so the changes to her kit won’t be as drastic as some of the other revamps we’ve done. That said, we’re optimistic about how these changes will play out.

Hellbat Ranger
  • Hellbat Ranger HP increased from 345 to 550
  • Hellion Ranger HP increased from 230 to 300
  • Jump Jet Assault stun duration increased from 0.5 seconds to 2 seconds

Hellbat variants have historically been some of our most underperforming units, and Nova’s Hellbat Rangers are no exception. We’re making changes that increase their survivability in both modes as a result. With these changes, Hellbat Rangers will hopefully perform more adequately in their role as an anti-light melee tank.

Marauder Commando
  • The Marauder Commando's Magrail Munitions ability damage increased from 45 to 90.

We think the Marauder Commando is robust unit overall, but his Magrail Munitions ability is a bit underwhelming as far as burst damage goes.

Covert Banshee
  • The Covert Banshee's Rocket Barrage ability cooldown decreased from 60 seconds to 30 seconds.

We’d like to adjust the Covert Banshee so as to help it become more competitive with other similar anti-ground units, such as the Heavy Tank and Raid Liberator. We hope that Covert Banshees will be a more powerful mobile anti-ground option once these changes go into effect.

  • Nuke and Holo Decoy Cooldown Mastery bonuses increased from 1 second per point to 3 seconds per point. Maximum bonus increased from 30 seconds to 90 seconds.
  • Nova's Attack Speed Mastery replaced with Nova Attack Damage Mastery. This new Mastery increases Nova's damage by 1 per point, up to a maximum of 30.

As with many other Mastery changes we’ve made in the past, we’re adjusting some numbers and functionality so that these options are more viable relative to their alternatives.

Going Forward
Again, this wasn’t as significant an update as the few that preceded it, but we think that speaks to how varied Nova’s options already are. Give us your feedback—we’ll be back next week to talk about Kerrigan!

Kevin Dong
Co-op Commander Designer
Banshees still seem underwhelming while being compared with liberators.
I'm iffy about the Rocket Barrage change because it still seems like the micro required to make use of it would be better spent on using Liberators. I'd still like an auto cast option like with snipe on Nova's ghosts. However I'll wait for it to go live and try using it to kill priority targets before saying it's a meaningless buff.

Rest looks good though, will definitely play with the nuke and holo decoy mastery once the boost hits.
Banshees could use another approach.

Nova damage mastery is a very good idea.

I‘m not sure if the holo and nuke cooldown will be legit. 4x per mastery for 120 secs would be better.

Marauder seems fine.

Firebat has to be tested. I fear that - since it is used against light units - the stun will outlive the targets health while the other light units keep attacking. A small AoE of stun would help against light comps. Ironically the prolonged single stun helps more against armored compositions.
I think you nailed it, monk.
I liked the changes except for covert banshees. Too micro-intensive and cooldown-punishing to use. They could use some more love, but I doubt that'll happen.
Banshees still are probably not worth using still compared to Liberators. Hellions are still garbage and Hellbats are still probably generally not helpful. Marauder and mastery changes seem like they might be good.
I feel like either putting the Rocket Barrage on autocast or at least reducing the gas cost of the Banshee could make it more competitive.

There are very few games when I am able to afford dropping that sort of gas sink into Banshee's when it could be better spent on Liberators/Tanks and other units that simply perform their role better. 30 second cooldown reduction on barrage isn't going to change that.
I had an idea and it might sound like a nerf, but what if Griffin airstrike and Nova's nuke were switched around? You build nukes at the Ghost Academy for 1000(700 with mastery) minerals and Griffin airstrike was the one on long cooldown. The nerf part is that Nova will have to be around the place you want to nuke as opposed to using airstrike wherever you want. Damage vaules of both abilities would probably need to be adjusted slightly too.

I dunno, it kinda fits Nova to build and use nukes more often, she's a ghost commander after all.
Overall good, I'd like to see the
Banshee get something like 5.5-6 speed (for a different role than the others...handling something away from the main force, and rapidly returning)
and the
Hellion to have a boost in anti-light damage (so the Hellion form is actually useful)
Nova is actually fine. Alarak may need more help. However, it seems hard to keep Alarak balanced, unique and different when enhancing him...
05/23/2018 11:19 AMPosted by IcyMaple
Nova is actually fine. Alarak may need more help. However, it seems hard to keep Alarak balanced, unique and different when enhancing him...

Alarak requires a massive revamp beyond what they've said they are willing to change about a commander after release. I blame him being rushed out due to the massive fanbase he got as soon as Lotv came out. Hopefully Overwatch gets an Alarak announcer for this reason, I don't play it but an excuse to bring in De Lancie to record new lines would be the ideal time to change his upgrades and add units.
the jump is so stupid, I never choose it .use H is better than jump and die .
Rocket Barrage is a powerful skill but i think if it can save 2 times is better, even it is still 90s.
Greatest changes! Nova nuke and decoy upgraded mastery looks amazing! i need to test out, thanks again monk!!
I still don't see how the change to Nova's dps can compete with the army attack speed mastery.
Doubling the damage of Magrail Munitions might lead to too many overkill situations, I would rather see the cooldown reduced to a third so it would be available in every engagement, and so it would feel less annoying having the ability wasted against low HP units.
Gonna assume that's supposed to be exception, not exceptation in the first paragraph?
I don't think Jump Jets will ever be worth it for the hellbat, because even with a stun it almost guarantees me losing the unit. I like the additional HP, though. I tend to build hellbats only when I'm facing a lot of zerglings.

The banshee will still be overshadowed by the other units. I don't know if the rocket barrage will do it. Maybe the barrage needs to be stronger, as well?

The marauder buff is welcomed, though! I know I use them in all of my compositions so this will be a nice upgrade!
The Hellbat change seems good. Banshees need a design change, not a numbers buff. They don't really have a meaningful niche right now.

The other buffs are just unnecessary. As a Nova main, I ask you not to overbuff her anymore than she already is. It's hard enough to find a challenge these days.
Regarding Nuke and Holo Decoy Cooldown Mastery, the reduction still feels like too little to compete against being able to afford more Griffin Air strikes.
Perhaps turn it into a 30% cooldown reduction, and have the mastery also benefit Sabotage Drone.

I also don't really see the point of Nova's damage Mastery, though it's better than an attack speed option, it simply can't compete against buffing your entire army's dps. I guess it's decent enough early game, but mid-late game the other Mastery is so much better.

I think something that buffed Nova's abilities instead in some way would make for a more interesting option, doesn't have to be damage, something that increased her max energy enough for an extra snipe or burst, and to be able to both snipe and throw down a sabotage drone.
Could be fun for those that like to micro her as much as possible, especially when combined with the energy regen mastery.

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