Can't Connect to Blizzard Services

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"Blizzard services may be temporarily unavailable or your internet connection may be down. Please check your connection and try again"

I've gotten this issue two days in a row now when I try to log into the Americas region. A hot fix that worked yesterday was to log into the Asia region (which works), wait until the account is migrated to that region then swap back to the Americas region. However, trying this again today didn't seem to work, my internet connection is fine and my drivers are up to date. Can someone please explain why I keep getting this error?

Edit: (I'm in Australia)
When trying to log into the Asia region, I periodically (every 30 seconds roughly) I get this error.
Blizzard Services Connection Lost Blizzard services may be temporarily unavailable or your internet connection may be down. The game will now try to reconnect.
Did you find a solution or did it just start working again? I'm having the same issue.
Hi there friends,

I see that you both are in areas that are impacted by recent line damage. These lines being down are causing sporadic connection issues for may of our EU and SEA users.


At this time, we are reaching out and trying to help in any way we can. The only answer we have seen help more often than not, is a VPN. We are unable to sugggest one and they are not supported for use.

I hope this information helps shed some light on what could be causing your connection issues.

having the same issue on the america servers, and i live in america. if i do manage to get through i am plagued with constant game freezing lag, even playing vs. AI. It started all of a sudden about 2 days ago, game has always worked perfectly fine since then.
Same problem, I was trying to play copa America with 400ping lag on Us East, Is there any option to play LAN network? I would like to create a 0 lag tournament on my country.
for me the game keeps minimizing then suffers a fatal error im not sure if that is client side so can anyone else tell me if they are having that issue?
i live in america and im on the american server it also has a loading bar with no text that just keeps going on and on and if i close it the game opens the has the issue with the minimizing then crashing
thats actually happening with every game i try to open so im wondering if the servers are down, anyone know?

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