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Hey all, unfortunately I haven´t been able to play SC for over 5 months now. Since I moved and set up my new ISP two years ago, I´ve had 10 MG speed and that´s been plenty. I had no issues until suddenly 5 months ago it started lagging in every game. I´ve since reformatted my laptop and reinstalled completely, and the ISP has even come to verify that everything else is working up to speed. I noticed today there´s a small notification at the top when I play that says "game data is currently being loaded". I´m not sure if that´s related or not. Any ideas? I´d really like to play again :(
Hi there Meteorain,

This sounds like there's a connection issue between you and the game servers for Starcraft 2. When you get into the game there is some additional account data and game data that has to be downloaded that is not downloaded through the app, so that is likely what is having issues.

If the problem persists after reinstalling the game and reformatting the computer then it may be an issue with the modem/router or the internet provider.

You might want to try connecting through a VPN or a mobile connection and see if that allows the data to download in-game. If a VPN or a different connection works then that confirms that the problem lies with your internet service provider.

Lastly, you could also try twitching to a different DNS like Google Public DNS and then test the game again to see if that helps.

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