Should blizzard bid for starwars?

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Original title: Should blizzard bid for a starwars game license in the event that EA loses it?

I would love to see blizzard make starwars games. They could make an editor that would rival Lucasart's Starwars Battlefront 2 mod tools (For more info on the power of those mods tools, see which is still an active site for the original SWBF2 as I type this). Not to mention they have a much better track record then EA.

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I like to see a star wars game done by Obsidian :-D
Don't bother with Star Wars. The franchise is forever ruined by the feminists, social justice scumbags, and all other social engineers. Star Wars is FINISHED. If the social engineers didn't lay a finger on such an incredible franchise then Star Wars as an RTS would have been a major treat for the fans of Blizzard. I pray that Blizzard won't cave in to the evil social engineers like what happened to other video game companies.

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