SC2 Crashing After Latest Release

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These days, I only play Custom>Melee games against AI. As of the last patch/update, my computer doesn't just crash, it's shuts down completely after playing for 5 minutes. It's as if I held the power button down for 5 seconds. It never behaved like this before the latest patch/update. Please advise.
Hey Dragon,

If the computer is just shutting down without restarting on its own that is an indication of hardware failure. Usually caused by power issues, overheating or the hardware failing(dying). If it is shutting down without restating, then you may need to have a computer tech look over the computer. Before do you can check the computers temperatures to make sure it is not overheating.

If the computer is restarting on its own after shutting down then it may not be a hardware issues. Still recommend checking on the temperatures to be on the safe side. Then try the troubleshooting steps here. If it still crashes and restarts on its own, please contact Customer Support.
Hey, Eloemaz.....
as soon as I installed the new patch I can't play more than three minutes before the whole system crashes (noise/frozen screen etc).

And no, it's not an overheating issue.... hadn't had problems for the longest time, the problems only started with the new patch.
I gotta add, every time similar problems are reported the standard reply is'overheating'. No man, that's garbage, sorry. Computers that never overheat do not coincidentally start doing so as soon as a new patch is installed. If you guys have to add so many effing patches couldn't you at least test them first?
Frankly I don't care about all the new stuff for coop play, but thanks to this patch I can't play the game at all. Thank you very much.

PS same problems occurred after another patch. I had to reinstall windows to play the game again..... I won't reinstall windows every time you add some garbage patch (basically almost every effing week)

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