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my game keeps crashing C6C1CFC5-D444-46C7-9916-C44CD759BF64

Looking into this issue it appears to be an ACCESS_VIOLATION when the game is attempting to read from memory. Something is changing the memory that shouldn't be. This is likely a third party conflict with another program or driver issue.

I would recommend to try the following two steps:

Step 1) Try to perform a clean install of your AMD Drivers. You can use a program like DDU to make sure the current drivers are uninstalled. Make sure to download the latest drivers and move them to your desktop before using DDU.

Step 2) Programs like Overlays, DVR/Streaming, overclocking software may cause access violations like this. Try placing the system into Selective Startup before you retest. This will allow you to just test the game with only windows running.

Step 3) Before you run the game goto Documents -> StarCraft II -> Delete the Variables.exe file, this action will retest the game back to default settings.

Retest the game! If the issue continues post up your Dxdiag in your reply post. Make sure once you pasted the Dxdiag content's you highlight the text and use the code block icon </>.

Thank you!

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