play again button in score screen

Bug Report
most of the time it just sends me to an 'entering lobby' mode that lasts forever.
the only way to get rid of it is to log out or exit the game.
this bug is still in the game. more often than not i just exit the game with altf4.
please fix this.
yeah it's more than the play button now. simply playing another game in any mode using any means has about a 75% chance of just not working, requiring a log out to make the game playable again.
i'm talking about trying to join ANY game using ANY means. this is buggy as !@#$.
while i'm here, can i please have an ignore all people option for the entire game?
i don't want to see text from ANYONE EVER.
so i'm guessing that getting stuck trying to join a lobby is just part of the game and working as intended?


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