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I've played this map a few times recently. It seems it has been improved with fewer "An attack wave is coming for your truck" alerts, and with more variety to the voiceovers. That's good!

Even better, the monoliths seem to have a slightly smaller range. Still would love the truck to be a bit faster, but it seems to be just slightly faster than before.

Did a list of changes for this map get published?
Mission itself is kinda fine. The partner sometimes isn't. And what made it worse is this map is one of the forced coop maps.
If anything of this map is crap, that is the invulnerable construct and single slow moving payload. It discourages multi tasks and aggressive play. That really sucks when you are held by map mechanisms rather than own capabilities. On this point of view, when player has certain level of skills, this is the worst map of all. Having multiple trucks or capable of building more trucks may solve it.
That doesn't bother me much as I am not good at multi tasks. But some of my friends always quit this map when we are together.
I agree this is one of the harder maps, but I think it would be made considerably nicer if the payload didn't vanish when you complete bonus.

It can be a bit hard to feel out if you have enough time to sacrifice the time and truck for bonus and still have enough time to attack main objective after that. The constructs require the truck to be there, and with the truck sacrificed to bonus, it takes time for it to roll back over to attack the constructs blocking main objective.

I am a newbie and I hate letting my partner down, and the vast majority of people in this game are nice. Sucks when I miscalculate on bonus and wreck main objective.

I think simply moving the truck to bonus but not sacrificing it to bonus would remedy the issue.

Just my two cents, of course.
My least favorite map , the only one I sometimes leaves right away even tho I almost never do that but this map got me frustrated too many times.

Gungnir made a nice summary of why in one of his previous post.
Slow !@# truck , sometimes uncompetent ally, slow expension, constant $%^-ty attack waves, vicious bonus obj that takes so much time with the truck reload.

You dont even have any choices as to where to start or preclear since 1 place in the map will not be used you might end up loosing your time clearing a useless area.

Still a decent map overall but yeah, the least good imo.
This thread has been here for months, and we have yet to see any meaningful changes to all the feedbacks (despite so many common complaints).
11/28/2018 06:43 PMPosted by NyCkiTT
Gungnir made a nice summary of why in one of his previous post.

Thank you.

I still want to try the original version.
The trucks should be faster and smaller to not get stuck behind other units.

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