tempest rework suggestion

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https://youtu.be/51cfnkJXj44 (alternate link)

1:39 and 2:40 are the best examples of how the changes would affect tempests.

yall think this might be a good idea? if not what things do you think could be done to the tempest to fix right now?

or maybe make the current tempest weapon an ability that shoots at a certain point for heavy damage but is slow and has marker showing impact location like ravager and then give tempest other secondary weapon for auto attack?
I dig it. It looks a little odd when it misses and just disappears though.

What if the Tempest attack left a small, weak disintegration effect wherever it ends? That would give it some utility against clumped units and some amount of zoning which works will with the Tempests' huge range. It would make sense visually too, since that huge plasma ball has to go somewhere if it misses.
If you need it to do more damage to large enemies, i put up the idea to readd explosive damage. The tempest would almost without a doubt be explosive. That would mean 50% against small and 66-75% to medium. This either changes it role or allows a damage buff.

My idea was to implement the old system vs cargo size and add cargo size to all things even if they can't be in cargo. then custom cargo sized could be used in formulas or a standard set of numbers used.

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