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what if tempest attack damage was increased to 200 base but attacks hit target point instead of unit, means attacks can easily be dodged by moving units. so attacks could be fast enough to hit large units but slow enough so that every other unit can easily dodge or something.
200 is huge, not a Yamato, but getting close.

I think the first change should be giving them 1 more armor. Right now they really don't do their job against Carrier. Sure even amount on both side, the Tempest will win, but a remax on Stalker will kill them. And if Carrier have more attack than the Tempest have armor upgrade, if shifts really quickly in the Carrier's favor. It makes ultralategame PvP really stupid (mass Carriers and 1 sentry on both sides, yeah !).

What I would like for the Tempest, is an upgrade in the fleet beacon. What exactly ? I'm not sure. But they are definitely not worth 300 200 and even less 6 supply. A speed upgrade ? Since they have such a low DPS, being able to kite would be nice (even a 3,15 speed would make a difference).

I don't think they need much to be better. I still use them regularly, but they are very expansive for what they do, that's my main problem with them.
I wish they'd re-add the disintegration ability back or something, even if it were a late game upgrade. I have no idea how to balance it or whether it's something Protoss needs, but I like all of our units having some sort of ability as a racial trait.

I think other than Tempests, it's only Archons that lack any sort of ability, passive or otherwise. But Archons are interesting enough with their splash, shield-health ratio, and creation method. Tempests are just kind of boring imo. Void rays too for that matter. I liked the mini-strategy game of making sure you had rocks or a building to charge them on before a fight. I can see why they changed it though.
Disintegration would be a good change for tempests.
500 damage seems a too much for balance though, and I certainly don't want them to lose their AA like the proposed change how ever many years ago.

Maybe disintegration does something like "disintegrates enemy unit over 20 seconds, dealing 500 damage or until target has 25 or fewer hit points"
Kinda like a delayed interference matrix. The target doesn't totally die like the old disintegration, but it becomes rediculously squishy and more or less useless in fights.
500 is not too much if the time of the damage is 20 secs, units and structures can be moved. Still i like the Rhyme proposal.
Since Tempest are suppose to be good against Massive units, maybe give them the ability to debuff their target. A stackable bonus damage. Useless against small units but they would finally be good against High HP units.
It could also make them decent against building. You can't repair/heal for ever if you have 20 stack of debuff.

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