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Golden Age
A retexture with models/textures that look so identical to the default ones that i have to check the microscopic differences by looking really close at them... When the model is even modified (adept, dark templar, disruptor, high templar, stalker, tempest have unchanged models... ).
I don't even see the point of this skin pack... HD version of default ones that pretends to look vintage/BW-esque? Even the lore makes sense olny because protoss alwais loved to show off
New textures and some add-ons/modifies to models that on a lot of units (thor, battlecruisers, cyclones for example) look really cool, the marine even has a completely new model based on hots cinematics.
One of the best skin packs since the Purifier one, completely new models (and textures of course), it manages to turn a biological race into a mecha army, i'll buy it asap, best skin pack of Warchest 3 hands down
I'm actually pretty excited to get the Umojan one, they look cool
Maybe it's because I spent some time looking at the Protoss ones, but I notice clear differences at a glance. It might be difficult for some people to notice right away just because they keep the same colors while their armor is different.
I'm fairly sure all of the golden age protoss akina actually have model differences, some are super minor, but still different. Gotta really hunt for some. Overall though it does just look like an hd version of the base skins. I probably won't grab this set since I think the purifier and... Drawing a blank on the name of the first set... Look better to me. At least they match the buildings though.

I think the special forces skins look better than the new ones for Terran imo, but I'll likely still get them anyways.

The zerg for sure are the jewl of this chest though imo. The biggest flaw is the lack of buildings to match which is gonna look super weird in game. The first set matches just fine, the 2nd set looks a bit off, but this one is gonna be so odd.
08/08/2018 08:20 PMPosted by DrFuzzyGlove
and... Drawing a blank on the name of the first set..

Protoss got a bad set for once. I'm not gonna cry over it. It is essentially just a shinier default skin. Most of the models are essentially or actually identical.

So as not to be completely negative. the Zerg skin is actually amazing, which is a nice change, as most of the Zerg skins have been rather lame "more spikes" or "more gray" themes. I love the idea of Simulants, and each skin is well-modeled and well-textured. I just wish we could get Simulant versions of buildings, now. Stand-outs include the Hydralisk, Lurker, Mutalisk, and Overseer, but they're all pretty great.

The Terran set isn't as strong as some previous Terran sets, but there are some gems in there. I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of players stick to the Mira's Marauders set which is outstanding (I mean frickin' BCs with giants knives on 'em? I love it). The Umojan Marine, Marauder, and most of the air units are particular stand-outs for me.
Yeah, I was expecting Nerazim skinset for Protoss. Shiny toss is ok too, gotta keep some good ideas for the warchests to come I figure.
The purple protoss unit look better to me than the purifier and the taldarim. The golden disruptor looks precious. The rest are lesser but that is for the better previous warchests.

I would say in Warchest 1: Protoss best, Zerg 2nd Terran 3rd
Warchest 2: Protoss best, Terran 2nd, Zerg worst
Warchest 3: Zerg Best, Terran 2nd/ just as good, Protoss lesser
There is a small mistake. When you look at Winner on each tournaments in WarChest, a last one says ,,Winner GSL Seasaon 3,,

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