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Tychus is a very strong commander; I have just a few tweaks that would improve overall play.

1)The much-maligned push priority of Tychus outlaws

2)AI of Nikara. While attack-moving across the map, if she sees an enemy, she stops while everyone else continues. Since she can't kill it, she'll stare at it until given a move command.

3)Odin should move faster, and after using Big Red Button, Barrage should come back.

4)I know some people complain that Tychus stuff costs too much, but I don't think you necessarily should be able to get every upgrade in a medium-length game. I would increase a few costs such as his base buildings, and increase resurrection costs to a non-trivial amount. He's certainly strong enough to absorb a minor nerf like this and it would make his economy less ridiculously easy.

5)His attack and armor upgrades should apply to turrets and controlled units.

6)Ultralisks shouldn't be immune to mind control. You can control a carrier full of people in one shot, but a brute whose whole existence is being controlled 100% of the time is immune to switching controllers. Holdover from an arbitrary design decision from Starcraft 1. Makes no sense.
If people could stop making threads to say the same exact thing that's already been mentioned in 4+ other threads, that'd be fantastic.
Thinking about it a bit, they should actually increase resurrection costs a lot. He really loses nothing if a fight goes badly whereas other commanders can take huge losses.
09/11/2018 12:02 AMPosted by Elfis
they should actually increase resurrection costs a lot.

Factor in Brutal Mutations before you suggest that.
09/11/2018 12:44 AMPosted by SASRegiment
Factor in Brutal Mutations before you suggest that.

Commanders shouldn't be balanced for mutations.
If a commander performs badly on a mutation pick another one.
A single outlaw dying who often has between 500 and 1000 health means you just lost 20% of your overall military capability.

Not to mention that certain outlaws like Rattlesnake are the backbone of your squad (healing device) and their death can mean instant retreat, more deaths or objective loss.

Respawn speed and respawn cost are fine IMHO.

Also use the other 5+ threads we have on Tychus suggestions.
09/11/2018 12:47 AMPosted by Axiom

Commanders shouldn't be balanced for mutations.
If a commander performs badly on a mutation pick another one.

They shouldn't. However the OP is suggesting increasing costs of revival without thinking of the consequences on other modes.
09/11/2018 01:09 AMPosted by SASRegiment
They shouldn't. However the OP is suggesting increasing costs of revival without thinking of the consequences on other modes.

You said it yourself that the mutations shouldn't matter when balancing then talk about consequences in mutations?
Make up your mind please.
One thing I would love to have is an increase in Blaze’s attack range. That would make him much more useful in killing and igniting waves of enemies
I think people who are worried about cost increases just want their favorite commander to be stronger, which is natural. Tychus is my new favorite, and I want him to be strong too.

But balance is subject to change till the end of time. Whenever Blizzard feels a commander is over the top, they do nerf stuff. A cost increase to buildings and resurrection costs allows other things to be stronger without overpowering Tychus, and that's the flavor of power I'd prefer.

Currently, I try to keep my characters alive while playing just because I like to keep my characters alive. But by the game mechanics, you lose almost nothing for having commanders die regularly, or losing a few buildings, because both, especially the commanders, are super cheap to replace.

Tychus' engagements are nearly risk-free. Unless you lose your whole squad, or your whole base, the enemy hasn't significantly harmed you even if you do terribly in a fight.

Making losses costly would allow his other abilities to be stronger without overpowering him and incurring other nerfs.
Saying not to balace commanders for mutations is like saying we shoul balance ranked around wood league, something brutal difficulty is!
I dunno why you guys are talking about mutations and stuff. Everyone has their wish list of things they want for Tychus, but aren't offering anything to give up in return.

Tychus isn't weak and won't be buffed for free. If you want buffs, the cost increases I suggested are a perfect trade for those buffs.
Because Blaze is so garbage Tychus does lack a non-cooldown AOE killer (both nux and tychus have long cooldowns on their aoe).
So yea give Blaze some crazy powerful buffs, especially improve the AOE and range of his auto attack and his ultimate upgrade..

VEGA feels like a gimmick, she needs improvements and her ultimate upgrade is really not worth it compared to other ultimates (except nikara).

Nikara is completely pointless because she has no offense potential and she is a worse healer than Rattlesnake, while rattlesnake also gives attack speed buffs and has a powerful attack and health.
Also Nikara has the worst ultimate upgrade out of all the outlaws, its just incredibly weak.
ALSO nikara can not properly heal herself while Rattlesnake can easily keep himself healthy while killing.

Rattlesnake's healing is frankly the main reason why Tychus is so strong ATM.
Tychus+Rattlesnake with the upgraded 4% heal can take on any early and mid game enemy, killing objectives and freeing up expansions.

Sirius's turrets do some insane damage and the rocket upgrade is crazy deadly versus air.
The turrets themselves are tanky and benefit from armor/life and damage upgrades (engineering bay), plus they have DETECTOR so you dont even need a fixer to spot.

NUX is deadly vs swarms with his long cooldown AOE, and his 20% cooldown reduction to all outlaws makes him pretty much a must pick.

Crooked Sam needs a health buff - with all upgrades he has less than 600 health (5 life upgrades!!!!!) which is just awful and gets him killed often even though he has that defensive ability.

Cannonball should have the option of auto-casting his Hook ability when he is not in melee with an enemy.
He does okay damage and is hella tanky so he kinda has a niche.

Lastly ODIN has a really powerful Nuke but the Odin itself is garbage.
No splash and slow animations and awful anti-air attack that he often uses on objectives instead of his anti-ground.

As a side note it would be nice if tychus 150 mineral "towers" had more than 150 health, they die so fast that they are just not worth using for base defense.
To improve overall play

Cut Rattlesnake healing in half

Have Odin attack air at the same time as attacking air or moving
Have Odin benefit from attack upgrades

Have Sirius turrets only get detection with gear

Have Vega's ultimate gear increase her max charges as well

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