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So this might seem kind of out there but I hope it can be done. In Heart of the Swarm there is a mission with a Brood Mother, Niadra. She invades a Protoss ship and is able to spawn various units from herself by laying eggs. On my map I have a Brutalisk under my control. I added the Hunter Killer Spine weapon to its arsenal and now it's a real bad !@# with ranged ground and air attacks along with the brutal claw strike for up close. Now I want to give this Brutalisk the ability to spawn Drones. I played with several things but nothing has worked yet. Any suggestions?

Note: I want it to spawn Drones, not morph into a Drone.
Additional Note: If this can be done easier with Niadra herself instead of the Brutalisk, I will be using Swarm Queen-Niadra-(Huge).
you could use the hatchery`s ability to create queens as a base and just add the drone button and unit into that. then of course you need to add a button(can be the same button) to the brutalisk`s command card along with the hatchery`s ability to create a queen. then from the drop down meny, you just need to select the drone instead of the queen.
Ok I decided to use Niadra and just made her attack more powerful. I added the "Hatchery - Train Queen" ability in her abilities. I added a button to the command card that looks like a drone and assigned it as follows:
Command Type: Ability Command
Ability: Hatchery - Train Queen
Ability Command: Birth Swarm Queen
Now I need to know how to turn it from "Birth Swarm Queen" to "Birth Drone." I assume I have to modify the ability itself in the data menu but don't know how to make the switch exactly.

Note that only "Birth Swarm Queen" and "Leviathan" are available in the Ability Command drop-down list.
if you want it to say birth drone you need to change the tooltip of the button. you need to specify the button you want, both in the ability`s unit creation and on the unit`s command card. you can access the ability itself from the links section of the unit you are editing. there there is a field that say abilities.
Just thought of something. If I change this ability then it will change for the Hatchery too and I wont be able to make Queens. I will just have 2 different ways to make Drones from the Hatchery.

"Swarm Queen Train" is the ability that Niadra uses to poop out units. She makes Zerglings, Roaches, and Hydralisks. Is there any way to switch one of these units for a Drone or just add a Drone to the list? When I look in the Swarm Queen Train ability's drop down menu on the bottom left I see the units and their buttons but can't figure out how to add or remove units. Right clicking them gives me 4 drop-down options.
1. View Linked Unit
2. Modify Linked Unit
3. Reset Linked Unit
4. Show Explain Link
Clicking "Modify Linked Unit" does not let me change the unit to something else. It just takes me to that unit's data for modification of the unit for the entire map.
There is a field in the train ability called (Basic)Ability: Info - Unit. Change that to the unit you want.
I think I need a detailed step-by-step or possibly a video walkthrough because I type searched all the ability menus in data for this option and found nothing mentioning the word "info."

P.S. I got the drone added to the list with the other units in "Swarm Queen Train." It was originaly 9 units now it's 10. The button makes Niadra lay an egg but the egg is a blank and wont hatch. It doesn't even say what is in it.
each unit creation ability have a long list of stuff it can create. just put the drone in one of the empty spaces on that list. as for your problem: you need to specify what comes out of the egg and how long it takes for it to hatch. unfortunately, this is the limit of my knowledge.
How do I specify for the egg?
You don't need to do anything with the egg.

When you go to the ability Swarm Queen - Train the top thing should be "(Basic) Ability: Info" (depending on the format your using on editor open that or go to that)

Inside there will be a list with 3 columns

Command ----- Button ----------------------- Unit
Train 1 ----- Morph to Zergling ------------- Zergling
Train 2 ----- Morph to Zergling - Leaps --- Zergling Raptor
etc ---------------- etc -------------------------- etc

You can make your own command in a empty slot or to keep it simple replace one so double-click the top one Zergling.

Scroll all the way to the bottom.

About 5 Items up there will be a box with a label above that says "Info^ - Unit^" in that box it will have "Zergling" double-click on that Zergling and a unit list will pop up type in "drone" and select drone and click Ok.

Keep clicking OK until your back in ability window.
Now the Niadras spawning Zergling will spawn a drone instead.

If you'd like you can open the buttons tab in editor and find the "Birth Zergling (Swarm Queen, Zergling)" button and change the icon to btn-unit-zerg-drone and change hotkey/tooltip.

Just FYI Niadras spawn ability has no costs if you want costs you'd have to change it in "Info^ - Unit^" in your Drone item theres a Cost section that's set to -50 if you set to 0 it will cost the basic drone cost.

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