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At the beginning I apologize for mistakes. My English is not very well.

Dr Nada Ves as a specialist in zerg ksenobiology was noticed by Emperor Mengsk who proposed her participation in a secret project led by Dr. Naruda. It was too much chance for Dr. Nada Ves would miss her, so she decided to join the Moebius Foundation. However, when she understood what she was really working on, she wanted to withdraw, but it was too late, just like other terrans, she became Narud's puppet.
In the foundation Dr. Nada Ves Worked in the Nightmare research group, whose task was to create a new kind of hybrid of the abyss to become the new vessel of Amon. The work would be completed if it were not for the Swarm of Kerrigan's attack on the research facility at Skygeirr station, it led to the disruption of works and the evacuation of the Nightmare group with all the equipment and specimens of zerg and protoss to finish the work elsewhere.
However, the death of Narud made Dr Nada Ves and the rest of the staff of the Nightmare group free from his influence. They completed research on the Nightmare Hybrid and other specimens and decided to use them against Amon.

We have the ability to create only 2 types of units: SCV, Protective Drones and we have only 100 supply points (we need to build warehouses). In return, we can create and control 3 hybrids, Hybrids Nightmare, Hybrid Iris, Hybrid Jericho. We start the game with one Holding cell, the other 2 can be build later in the game. Each cell at the beginning is empty, we decide what hybrid will be there.
Drone factories produce units quickly and cheaply, thanks to which we can use them to repel the first attack or clean the place for the base, or as cannon fodder.
Sentry bot:
-health 50
- damage 5 points (ground and air targets)
- armor 0
- attack speed 0.86
- range 5

Holding cell
Each Cell has one hybrid, in it the hybrid is reborn after death and gains a bonus for health regeneration / shields. The creation of the hybrid costs 1250 minerals and 550 wespans

Improving hybrids
Hybrid levels can be divided into three stages (improvements and evolution are carried out separately for each hybrid). At the first level, hybrids are not very strong or durable, they also have only one active ability. On the second level, they receive a stats bonus and unlock the second active ability, the first passive ability and gain access to the special ability and become a detector On the 3rd level, the hybrids fight terror on the battlefield, receive a huge statistic bonus, a second passive ability, and a big boost to the special ability.
To improve the hybrid or to strengthen it, the hybrid must be in the Cell, the active improvement can not be interrupted so we have to plan our activities carefully.
Types of hybrids
We distinguish three kinds of hybrids Hybrid Nightmare, Hybrid Iris, Hybrid Jericho

Hybrids Nightmare - a strong unit to fight on the first line. On the first level, the appearance resembles a Hybrid reaver, the second level resembles Hybrid behemoth, and the third level is even larger and more epic.
-health 2500-first level, 7500- second level, 12500- three level,
-armor 2 first level, 4 second level, 6 l third leve,
-damage 30-first level, 75- second level, 100- third level, (ground) ,
-damage 25- level first, 45-l two leve, 65- three level, (air),
-energy 1050 points

-Void Strike- (15 seconds restoration time) - the hybrid deals the selected target 95/150/200 and adjacent targets 40/75/100 damage points. Possible improvements:
-Strike from the shadow - the hybrid jumps to the target and stuns all enemies hit. (development requires 2 levels of hybrid)
-Dark sacrifice - 25% of damage dealt is changed to a shield that fades with time (development requires 3 levels of hybrid)

-Absorb DNA (number of charges 20, time of renewing the load 5 seconds, autocast) - the hybrid deals 10% of the damage to the selected unit and heals 10/15/20% of the damage dealt. Possible improvements:
-Devastation - targets suffer from DNA theft, receive 10% increased damage for 10 seconds (development requires 2 levels of the hybrid)
- Weak bodies - If the target dies from the ability, the hybrid recovers the load immediately (development requires 3 levels of the hybrid)

-Burst - hybrid attacks deal damage over time and reduce enemy armor (requires 1 level of hybrid)
- Burning blood - the less health a hybrid has, the more area damage it inflicts (max health = 1 point of damage) (development requires 2 levels of hybrid)
Detector - available from level 2

Special Ability:
- Dark offspring (ability from the top bar, cost 350 energy Nightmare Hybrids) - Summons one Hybrid reaver with an unlimited life time anywhere on the map, which has 50% increased statistics and abilities that deal an additional 45 points of damage (development requires 2nd level hybrids Nightmare). These hybrids can not be controlled, but they will attack every enemy in sight, and if they miss the target, they will follow the Nightmare hybrid and help fight it. The maximum number of summoned hybrids 2, the attempt to call another hybrid will kill the one that has the least health.

Dark Legacy - Summoned hybrids change into Hybrid behemoths that have stats increased by 75% and abilities that deal an additional 55 points of damage. If the Nightmare Hybrid is killed, when any conjured hybrid is active, the hybrid will give up and regenerate 10% of Nightmare's life. The maximum number of summoned hybrids increased to 3.

Hybrid Issz - a hybrid attacking from a distance and dealing high damage, main shock force, weak in direct combat

-health 750-first level, 1000- second level, 1500- third level,
-shield 750-first level, 1000- second level, 1500- third level,
-shield armor 3-first level, 4-second level, 5- third leve,
-armor 1-first level, 1-second level, 2- third leve,
-damage 60-first level, 95- second level, 135- third level, (ground and air target) ,
-energy 1000 points (After developing the improvement Infinite pain increased to 3000)
Psionic missile (12s renewal time) fires a missile that deals 175/250/350 damage. Possible improvements
- Unstable anomaly - the missile deals area damage (development requires 2 level of hybrid)
-Anointing - opponents who receive damage are charged with psionic energy and explode when they are killed, dealing 45 points of damage to the unit nearby. (development requires 3 levels of hybrid)

-Psionic storm (12 second restoration time, autocast) - creates 3 discharges that deal 25/45/90 damage, duration 3 seconds. Possible improvements:
- Charging - increases the number of discharges to 5 (development requires 2 levels of hybrid)
- Paralysis - units hit by a storm are slowed down and can not attack (development requires 3 levels of hybrid)

Dark rejuvenation - Increases regeneration of shield and health points near the hybrid (development requires 1 level of hybrid)
Energy grid - enemies who attack the hybrid receive 25 points (development requires 2 levels of hybrid)
Detector - available from level 2

Special ability:
Shadow Implosion (ability from the top bar, cost 1000 energy Hybrids Ish) - Hybrid Isg maintains the ability for 5 seconds, then in the indicated area there is a huge explosion that deals 750 damage.
Infinite pain - You can accumulate max 3 loads (energy increased to 3000)

Infinite shadows - Created rift deal damage to all enemy units nearby. It reduces the amount of energy needed to create a Rift to 900 energy points.
Hybrid Jericho version of the hybrid that provides air superiority.

-health 1325-first level, 1625- second level, 2250- third level,
-shield 1325-first level, 1625- second level, 2250- third level,
-shield armor 1-first level, 2-second level, 3- third leve,
-armor 1-first level, 2-second level, 3- third leve,
-damage 50-first level, 65- second level, 95- third level, (ground) ,
-damage 75-first level, 100- second level, 125- third level, (air) ,
-energy 1500 points
Stasis (renewal time 18 s) Enemies in the area indicated are trapped for 8 seconds and can not attack or become the target of the attack. Possible improvements:
Strengthening - extends the time of imprisonment (development requires 2 levels of hybrid)
One-sided polarization - opponents trapped in Stagnant can be attacked. (development requires 3 levels of hybrid)

Gravity cage (15 seconds restoration time, autocast) - Hover up 3 enemy units and deal 15/25/30 damage to them. Possible improvements:
Greater anomaly - increases the number of captured targets to 5 (development requires 2 levels of hybrid)
Weakness - capture units lose their armor (development requires 3 levels of hybrid)

Chain Attack - Attacks jump to 5 nearby targets dealing 45% damage (requires 1 level of hybrid)
The ruler of the sky - sustain the attack increases the damage (the development requires 2 level of the hybrid)
Detector - available from level 2

Special ability:
Rift - (the ability from the top bar, the cost of activation of 1000 energy Jerichi Hybrids) - Jericho Hybrid creates a Void Rift. Next hybrids transfers the stored energy into the rift, when the energy is exhausted or the maintenance is interrupted, Void Shadows appear in the amount and type depending on the energy shed. Shadows can not be controlled, but they will continue to appear until they reach the maximum limit of recalled units or the rift will not be destroyed. Max number of rift 2
Infinite shadows - Created rift deal damage to all enemy units nearby. It reduces the amount of energy needed to create a Rift to 900 energy points.

Special abilities (from the top bar) - these abilities are associated with hybrids, but you can use them from the top bar. The energy needed to use the capacity does not renew itself. We gain energy when the Hybrid deals damage. Converts 2.5% of your damage to energy. If the hybrid is dead, we can not use the special ability (energy does not disappear). Each ability has 5 seconds of renewal
On the upper bar next to the hybrid portraits, apart from the special abilities, there is the Return order option. After its activation, the selected hybrid will start to go towards the cage

Commander levels:
1- Supplies are reduced to 100, we can create and control hybrids
2- Unlocks the possibility of creating the Jericho hybryd
3- Unlocks the possibility of building 3 Cells
4- Allows you to improve your ability from level 2
5- Reduces the cost of complement the first cell by 25%
6- Quantity of the extracted vespan is increased by 50%
7- Allows you to raise the hybrid to level 3
8- Allows you to improve your ability from level 3
9- Price of construction of Sentry bot drops from 25 to 15 minerals, production can be set to automatic, drone takes 2 supply points.
10- Unlocks the special abilities of hybrids, hybrids gain energy by dealing damage
11- Shortens the time of creating and performing hybrid upgrades
12- Enables teleporting the hybrid to the cell, and release it within 30 meters from the cage (teleportation, activation time 10 seconds)
13- Increases energy gain to 3.5%
14- Possibility to upgrade Special abilities
15- All hybrids receive the ability to mark an enemy unit or building. The assigned unit receives 5 points of damage per second and is discovered. Hybrids mark units on a random basis, the target can be any unit and building on the map
I like it. Much thought put into it. But needs more hybrids.
+1 for encouragement. Very good concept.
Really like the idea. +1

But hate the name. It's spanish for Dr. Nothing See.
I didn't have idea for name.

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