Cannot update to 4.7.0 on MacOS

Mac Technical Support
My current version is 4.6.2. SC2 cannot auto-update to 4.7.0. Even I manually checked for update. It told me I have updated game. However, when I tried to launch the game, it told me the version is incorrect. I have run check and repair but it doesn't work. Anyone has any idea how to deal with this problem?

Thanks in advance!
Hey, LakeCarrot! The current version should be It sounds like the Blizzard Application may be out of date. Try reinstalling the Blizzard Application, uninstalling steps here (be sure to clear the preferences and the cache + tools folder) and reinstall here.

Let's make sure the Blizzard Application is the correct version. Go to Settings (Top left corner, Blizzard logo), on the left side, at the bottom, it should have numbers, verify the numbers are If they are and the issue continues, are there any error codes or messages with StarCraft II?

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