Mouse pointer does not move in game?

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I tried to play sc2 after a long time today but my mouse is not working. It works fine outside the game and also in broodwar but not in sc2. i can click stuff and access menus, it is just the pointer that doesn't work. I'm running the latest software update both for the game and for my mac. any ideas why this is so? (yes i have tries rebooting the computer, game and battlenet app) thx and happy holidays
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Solved! It is a recurrent issue apparently, just do this:

1) Go to "System Preferences"
2) Click "Security and Privacy"
3) Click the "Privacy" tab
4) Scroll down to "Accessibility" and select it
5) Click the lock in the lower left hand of screen and type in password
6) You will either have to allow Starcraft to "control your computer" or un check the allow option. Choose the opposite of its current status. It should work now

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