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How good is this strategy on DON or Miner or Temple?


Use them as decoys...
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I don't see it really. They're less good than Vorazun's, which are only a hair better than vanilla, and unlike Vorazun Tychus doesn't actually float minerals to spend on supplemental static. I do build his auto-turrets a little now and then, but not to get any serious work done.

ME and TotP are both great maps for Tychus. DoN defence is a little trickier but his Outlaws can defend two sides easily (three viable, perhaps four + harassment not), and in a duo game that's enough.
Turret has Weak HP & low visibility(even turret's gun has more longer range), Hybrid, certain waves and special infestor can easily erase them.
Why turrets when you have Sirius?

Turrets are useless, maybe on some mutations you will need them, but 98% - only for breaking rocks (if you are going single/double turret expand and then salvage)
To make it more clear:

Most generic static defense is used to hold off units for at least 5 seconds so that they won’t rush into your base if you are busy elsewhere..

This is their niche..

They also are useful to avoid overkill by sweeping the last few HP of beefy enemies who aren’t worth a second volley.
Not. Tychus needs every mineral he can get. Even a couple turrets start cutting into his gear availability, mass turrets basically means his units don't get their upgrades. They simply aren't worth it.
Only good for giving vision to teleport 2
Only time i use turret spam is on void launch. Simply because it's difficult to cover all 3 launch bays with his army alone.
12/25/2018 08:25 AMPosted by Kerafyrm
Only time i use turret spam is on void launch. Simply because it's difficult to cover all 3 launch bays with his army alone.
Most shuttle waves go past the first two bonus locations anyway, it's easier to just intercept them earlier after the first one. I end up clearing at least a third of the enemy base in most Void Launch games as Tychus anyway, the whole thing if my ally is at least 75% as aggressive.
Sadly the turrets only serve 1 real purpose, and that's to pick off Ghosts trying to nuke your base. Second would be a few placed in your mineral line to keep Hunterlings out if you happen to be in the left spawn in DoN.
I sometimes build turrets but it's mainly for medivac port locations/expansion rock clears. Tychus' units are so strong and the medivac cooldown is so short that the mineral investment in doing mass turrets is not worth it.
Not very good. Tychus' turret has increased dps only but has a high cost. For a 250 mineral turret it is way too squishy. What makes this worse is that Tychus needs a lot of minerals and don't have enough supply for extra scvs to mine Amon's minerals. If you want to go mass turrets, make sure to buy the important gears only. If you want to mine Amon's minerals (for example in Void Launch), take some gas miners to Amon's minerals.
In my opinion they have little HP. Need to revamp.
12/25/2018 05:58 PMPosted by Dead
In my opinion they have little HP. Need to revamp.
They're supposed to be kind of terrible (to encourage you to use the outlaws to kill everything) if I recall correctly, so....
Only use for turrets is for detection against terran ghost on train map.
The Tychus auto turrets have high dps, hitscan attacks. But they have low hp, with no healing. So if you can solve that large weakness then his turrets are pretty strong.

Using Sirius turrets placed in front of the regular auto turrets is the most practical way to use them I’ve found. Dead of Night and Void Launch are the only maps I use the tactic.

The auto turrets for breaking rocks and defending ghosts is their main use.
12/26/2018 03:27 AMPosted by Toyosatomimi
Only use for turrets is for detection against terran ghost on train map.

+ Break rocks on non-contested expo maps
+ build them near bonuses on TotP for medivac vision
+ defense against hunterlings on Dead of Night - as mentioned by EnkerZan
To answer the direct question by OP. On all those 3 maps, it is way more efficient to use Outlaws as per design. It is totally possible and viable to use static as a strategy. Their weakness is not so much low HP and high cost/damage. I would call these an intrinsic feature, much like Legionaires (high cost and high damage).

The the point is to use that to the player’s advantage and to the map in question. If we are using just static defence, for example, DoN would require saving minerals and take the day opportunity to mass build static at very spaced out and appropriate locations to wipe as many Infested Structures. Same can be said regarding Miner’s, it would require a proactive ally to clear the area a bit (if a timely game is desired).

Without a certain level of understanding and skill of these maps and Tychus, this strategy is only theoretically possible for any average player. It is made more viable with a decently skilled ally.
If you are soloing DoN, i think you just don't have a choice but to have turrets supporting at least one way. That's the only solo replay I have ever seen like 3 months ago. There could be people coming up with new ideas.

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