Running HOTS puts display/mac to sleep

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I played WOL about a month ago (the free version) and liked it, no real issues there, so I purchased the battle chest, but HOTS will continually just put my iMac to sleep. First it was happening during the opening cinematic, which i skipped (still haven't seen it in full). It played the bit where Raynor goes to the research station fine... but then the crash issue happens again once it loads up the HUD with kerrigan.

I have checked to see if all is up to date and seems so, but the game is completely unplayable at the moment.
A little more info: I'm on a fully spec'd out iMac.

When I say puts the display to sleep... I mean in about 15-20 seconds I am able to wake the computer and see my login screen... once I unlock computer, it goes directly back into the game at the same spot.

Another issue here is one I had with a few times with WOL where the screen is not sized correctly, which forces me to restart the game.
sounds like a power settings problem of some kind.

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