how do you beat tempests as terran?

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Don't let them get there Kappa
MMMVG with lots of vikings, but you would need near perfect control to beat the tempest/HT/gateway army. Best bet is to not let them get there and try to win with bio/lib/ghost before the tempest count gets high.

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i have played with tempests against marines and it takes 2 marines to destroy one tempest.

SC2 isn't mono battles where each race masses one unit against each other. When you are facing tempests, you are facing tempests backed by HT and gateway units. Mass marines will stand no chance against the HT/gateway units.
i think its wrong to say mass tempest since you need support units ofcourse mass tempest gets beat by actually a lot

i have sucess with spam split marines vikings some thors cyclones and mine fields to slow down their movement

i think the best would be engage with mass viking over dead space that ht's can't support them with storm
but for fighting on ground it really depends on the support units of the Protoss you can't have mass tempests and a lot of immortal as example that would make them weak to mass Marine/Vikings (if they miss immortals build thors)

but if they add more storm/immortals they get less and less tempest that the tempests itself is not the real problem anymore so look for ghosts to neutralize ht's as example

mines will be the best option to reduce movement options of the tempest army
I think protoss air isn't really all that great against terran unless your trying to find an answer to tanks but the most important thing is your collosi and HT's. The air can be good especially to force an overreaction to it imo and if controlled right and right response, air basically just tanks while collosi and stuff do damage and stalkers clean up the terran air units...idk though, just my opinion, carriers interceptors die so quick and so slow to remake and tempests do so little damage but are good to try to force the issue and stuff but really, what wins the fight is your splash damage...otherwise everything is just gonna melt and yea he might have some tempests left but who like two good emps and yolo in imo if theyre clumped who cares about the tempest shooting once every like however often doing bonus to massive air units...I think more of the problem is like...terran ground splash damage options are not very mobile compared to protoss. but yeah...i would advise terrans to not react to tempests really and focus on the p splash damage units.

Tempests really only truly good against ranged libs, carriers and broods...i dont think their op at all but kinda nice i guess to poke with. whats make the difference though in fights? splash damage!
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12/19/2018 03:32 PMPosted by andreasasp
mass marines. tempests do not stand a chance again even a few marines, let alone a crowd

Tempests alone are bad but with zealots and storm it's a different story.
And even vikings get melted by storm.
really? maybe instead of vikings/marine aclick you will build some ghosts with 10 emp range against 9 feedback, then storms will be not that imba anymore?
I just recently saw the speed of Tempest for the first time. Instantly thought that Blizzard has brain damage. -.-

Yeah, that's a superb design strategy, give long range units super speed. Isn't Tempest supposed to be a siege unit? How about giving Tanks blink? Oh wait, that was in the game, only it was called flying tank...

That's basically how Blizz solves problems. Warhound in HotS beta was another one of this kind, 7 range speedy gonzales which could kite everything to death. Strange that he didn't make it...
You don't beat tempests. Terran is useless as usual. Blizzards game design has always been slanted against terran. Terran's air and anti air are terrible.
12/19/2018 02:44 PMPosted by Salamis
Lategame i cant find an answer anyone know a good response?

Current patch cyclone without upgrades beats tempest 1v1 if lock on and micro away. (tip for that is look at tempest shadow in relation to lock on circle so u can maximize damage).
Late game mass though is tougher to lock on. that requires a good set up b4 engaging (pre split) and using rapid fire helps. Some ravens, with an anti armor hit and matrix as many as u can and units that can chase them down, either rines/vikings/ cyclones.
On defense, Thor punisher canons very strong. Thor to slow to chase down though.
Mess around in "unit tester" in arcade to find a style that works with the way you like to play. ; )
12/20/2018 09:53 PMPosted by ToastBunny
You don't beat tempests. Terran is useless as usual. Blizzards game design has always been slanted against terran. Terran's air and anti air are terrible.

The only problem with Terran has always been that most of the match-ups and meta's have typically relied on Terran having to take initiative to win games while the other races kind of just sit and macro to overpowered unit comps, but you also can't really counter attack until you have them.

Always in the drivers seat but you're handicapped because you only have 3 tires and were forced to drink a 26er of rum before getting in the vehicle.
Like others said mass tempests alone can be defeated easily by mass marines, cyclones, with some micro, should be ok too, also Thors..... but as Protoss also add splash like HTs or Disruptors it becomes a lot harder.
High level GM streamers seem to think that Terran bio does fine against Tempests (as long as you can dodge or emp storms, or be aggressive throughout the game) but that Mech has no hope of beating them.

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