Mouse sensitivity periodically drops

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I've been having an issue since recent SC2 updates wherein my mouse sensitivity periodically gets reduced, resulting in an extremely sluggish cursor.

I launch the game fine, my mouse sensitivity is normal in menus. I enter a loading screen, mouse sensitivity still normal. As soon as the game starts, sensitivity will plummet such that moving the cursor from one side of my command center to the other requires more than one full traverse of my mousepad, whereas normally I'd need to move only half an inch.

I've noticed that mouse sensitivity can be temporarily restored be tabbing out of Starcraft and back in. However, after a bit of time passes (a few seconds to a few minutes) the sensitivity will again plummet without warning or any apparent trigger.

After reading other threads about mouse issues, my experiments running in Windowed-mode proper also seem to resolve the sensitivity problem, but as others have noted I then run into problems with cursor containment and (of course) I'm no longer playing the game in a desirable manner.

Similarly, I have attempted the solutions found in the other mouse-issue threads, such as ensuring that SC2 is enabled under System Prefs > Security & Privacy > Accessibility, up to and including removing the SC2 entry in that location and re-enabling it. I even tried disabling OS keyboard shortcuts as one poster suggested. I have not been foolish enough to forget to unlock the preferences in the corner. Furthermore, my OS is freshly installed on a blank drive as of just two days ago, and thus naturally SC2 is also freshly installed.

I am playing in "Full Screen - Windowed".
MacOS 10.13.6
Logitech G600 gaming mouse (I am NOT mistakenly hitting the button to change profiles), and results are the same independent of the Logitech Gaming Software being installed or not (I've wiped my drive and reinstalled a few times over the last few weeks, issue is always present).

[Edit] Also, intermittently when experiencing reduced sensitivity, the cursor will display a distinct preference for moving up and left, with reasonable sensitivity, but have near-zero sensitivity for moving down and right. [/edit]

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