400 vs 60 APM , Terran vs Protoss

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I agree.

-All terran whiners are toxic.
-All protoss apologists are nontoxic and constructive (like me).
-All zergs whin-apologists are:

a) Toxic if complain against protoss
b) Constructive if complain against terrans.
This game was a complete dumpster fire for both of you. Also, yeah you had 400 apm, 300 of it consisting of you spamming through your production hotkeys the whole match..... wow so impressive...

Next time lets try

1. Doing a real build, you could have killed him at 6 mins if you had got stim, combat shield, and a coherent army on time.
2. Actually using your hot keys for army units instead of just flipping through production buildings like a mad man.
3. Why even look at the fight if all you are going to do is watch it while you flip through your production hot keys? DO SOMETHING!!! Focus fire the carriers or macro at home! Anything other than just sit there and spam out your useless 400 apm.
4. How about we not walk right into every single stasis trap he sets.....
5. You know what I think you should just stop apm spamming all together for a while. Seriously I feel like it would help you so much. Your apm will go down so you wont be able to flex your massive e-pen but I feel like you would win more games.

Now those are just some of the things you could improve from this match, and don't think its just you. I could just as easily list things the toss player massively !@#$ed up on as well. But he wasn't the one who posted so... there you go.
This guy Literally said..
02/18/2019 02:15 PMPosted by SpeeeeeeeeeD
I report everyone that beats me for hacking.

Jesus fu*king christ...

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