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mouse doesn't respond in game? anyone come up with a fix?
if you are using apple, this is all you need to do. Go to System Preferences and locate the Security & Privacy icon and click on it. Once in you click the Privacy as the four top options. In Privacy, look for the Accessibility on the list and click on it. Once click it will show the apps for the following games and make to click on the games that is affected. Hint: you might need to click on the bottom left icon which looks like a lock to have access. this should help with the mouse issues as it did for me.

good luck
If you are using Windows, you basically have no privacy at all and just have to life with every program being able to know everything else you do on your machine while it's running.
If you are using MacOS, you probably don't tolerate the kind of invasive spyware being shoveled into most modern games and should be smart enough to know to never ever ever give Accessibility Permissions as a quick fix for bugged software that shouldn't need it.

I don't care what kind of AI blizz is training by recording mouse movements and visual info in SC2, or what their analytics teams can learn from knowing what kind of !@#$ users watch and what kind of programs they have on in the background while gaming. I don't care if Blizz is afraid that people might be botting or cheating, they shouldn't need accessibility access for any of it.
Hey Anthony,

What exactly is happening when you try to use the mouse? Does nothing happen, or are you able to select units but not command them?

Be sure to set up "Secondary Click" features in the System Preferences menu.

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