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Hey guys, as you most likely already know, the new patch has brought us a few new banners to choose from, as long as you completed the story campains and got 100% of the achievments. If you were able to get 100% in all 3 campains and the nova campain, you are supposed to get even additional banners.

As a achievement hunter myself, i was happy to see, that i didnt completed all the achievements for nothing, and that i finally get a small reward for completing them all...just to find out that i didnt got any of them.

Does the others from you have the same kind of problem? Or are we just not able yet to get them? Because to my knowelege, we should already be able to get them, with the downloadet patch, so maybe the achievements you get for completing all of the story achievements (and rewarding you with the banners) is still bugged :(
I have 100% on Wings of Liberty and the challenge missions, and the new Terran banners are locked for me as well.
I only completed Liberty and HotS, but they're locked for me too.
I have all the achievements for WoL, HotS, LotV and Nova DLC but i only had the completion achievement for WoL because i killed the Terratron and got 250.000 points few hours ago, i should have all the achievement and content arrived on this patch tbh
Apparently this is a known issue, and they're looking into it at this time:

so what exactly do you gain from these banners? nothing? why does it matter?
04/10/2019 06:26 AMPosted by BassHabit
so what exactly do you gain from these banners? nothing? why does it matter?
its just show, that you made many-many achievements, better than banners, which shows that you spend 10$ in the game

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