Choppy Audio in Starcraft II

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I have a 2017 MacBook Pro with touchbar running Mojave and all the latest updates to both as well as Starcraft II. It shows both apps are 64bit in the system report for both apps.

Whenever I launch Starcraft II the audio is super choppy. The video seems fine, but the audio is horrible. Audio is fine in other apps like the original Starcraft, Hearthstone, etc.

I'm using Airpods if that matters.
The issue also happens if i use a Bose bluetooth headset.
Hey there ProZach,

Game Audio is fairly difficult for bluetooth devices to handle. Does the issue also happen while on a headset / speakers that are wired to the device?

Alternatively, if no wired device is available, I might recommend lowering the in-game sound quality to medium or low to reduce the stress on the bluetooth device. Disabling Voice Chat will also help in most cases.

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