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Commander Tychus, due to the fact that units in Tychus are stuck and cling everywhere, Tychus does not throw a grenade, this ability is used, but the grenade is not thrown. I will write through Google translator, I apologize for the errors.
The same with the Tychus flamethrower, if the flamethrower is stuck, it will not use the opportunity to eject fuel oil, but it will be recharged. Tychus and his flamethrower died today, due to the fact that they did not use abilities, although abilities were transferred to the cooldown.
Tychus is a great commander, but he and his army are stuck everywhere, which is very annoying.
It is possible to make the troops of the tychus have the opportunity to pass through each other, since Dehaka passes through his army, he does not cling
04/05/2019 05:05 AMPosted by Garbo

I believe he is saying that he had a game where Tychus and Blaze got killed because he was expecting them to use their abilities, but the effects did not go off because they were stuck on either each other, or enemy or friendly units.

Personally, ive never seen that bug, so I cant confirm if it happens or if he just wasn't paying attention to where he dropped the abilities.
Were you playing this week's mutation when this happened?

I guess probably your grenade was intercepted by defensive drones accompanying a passing-by missile.
I've never seen a grenade get intercepted. It has AoE.

The collision boxes for all of the Outlaws are too large. So it is quite possible to get royally smashed when you are sending Tychus to toss a grenade on a ton of smaller enemies and he can't get there in time. By the time he walks around his partners the enemy has moved on, so he misses, and you lose an outlaw or two.

This is one of the reasons some players use less than five outlaws.
04/07/2019 08:18 PMPosted by Gungnir
I've never seen a grenade get intercepted. It has AoE.

Grenades can be intercepted because it has trajectory. This has nothing to do with whether it has AoE or not.

This is a reason why Tychus should be very careful when facing mutators like power overwhelming and missile command -- You have to manually kill defensive drones before using grenades to prevent being intercepted, and always add Nux as a backup because his psi storm doesn't have trajectory thus can't be intercepted.
I believe defense drones attack anything with a "missile" filter. I'm on phone, but anyone on computer can check if Tychus's grenades have that filter in the editor.
Pretty sure the original post is talking about the large unit collision size of the outlaws preventing easy casting of spells. The devs already tweaked those values shortly after release, so additional changes aren’t really needed.

The way to play around this is to pre position the outlaws in formation before engaging.

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