Mech dead in TvT?

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This is my personal experience playing mech in Diamond. I am not talking about pro level.

Mech is very viable in all stages of the game.

Mech is hard but playable in all stages of the game. Only when Protoss get their Carrier/Tempest/HT/Archon/Mothership perfect deathball does mech become almost impossible. But you have plenty of time to kill Protoss before that.

Mech is almost impossible to play. Between drop play, doom drops, delaying your third, attacking at different fronts, losing the viking war, liberators negating every tank you ever build and BCs transition mech is more or less dead in this matchup.

You can win but it requires you to outplay your opponent with a such large margin it is not realistic since the matchmaker puts you against opponent of similiar skill.

Basically if you play perfectly you win, but if you make a single mistake even once you have lost the game. The difficulty difference between playing bio and mech in this matchup is almost absurd.
whats this mech people keep talking about?
05/01/2019 03:03 AMPosted by TyphonVexCZ
whats this mech people keep talking about?

There are two variations of mech. Both get mech uppgrades and production facilities for mechanical ground units and for air units but not for infantry units. The reasons for this is
1) You can not afford both so you have to choose.
2) The mobility of bio does not synergize well with the slower mech units.

Classic mech
Tank/hellbat/viking/liberator/thor/bc/mine. Is based around the siege tank and positional play.

Battle mech
Cyclone/hellion. Is based around mobility and constant trading. May add siege tanks/liberators and BC in the later stages of the game.

Some would argue that battle mech is not real mech, more bio play with mechanical units.
mech is very playable on maps like king's cove and port alexander
air control+static defense and not even bc switch will kill you
Last year mech was really good in T v T. Not sure now after Thor armor nerf and marauder revert.
Marauder buff.
Playing bio v mech is like always being one step ahead imo. Yet it's playable for sure, TY even said on stream many times that mech TvT is strong and easy.
05/02/2019 12:30 AMPosted by tEhbAtZ
Marauder buff.

It has nothing to do with marauders, I don't get why people talk about things they have no clue about.
Basically the only real reason mech isn't viable in TvT is the raven.

If you can disable 4 tanks with a 2 pop caster, of course mech is going to suck.
Also, the raven being now much, much weaker against vikings (no PDD, no AoE damage), air domination is entirely reliant on viking numbers while ranged liberators maul thors. What that means is that bio players, with a superior economy, will overwhelm the mech player and take air control easily with more vikings.

What it means is that the raven is terrible with mech and excellent with bio in TvT. Bio players, having superior eco, can win the viking-only war for air domination an mass liberators.
Mech is viable and seen all the time in TvT.
Mech will be viable in TvT as long as you can hold off disproportionately large armies with tanks.
05/02/2019 08:19 AMPosted by Zergring
Mech will be viable in TvT as long as you can hold off disproportionately large armies with tanks.

Well then, mech is not viable in TvT.

Since tankivac went away, liberators have always been a major predator to the existence of mech, which is why TvT was largely bio in 2017.

After the 2017 November patch however, cyclones were suddenly capable of killing Vikings, medivacs, banshees, and to a lesser extent liberators and flying buildings, withing a reasonable time span.

As a result, mech became popular because a cyclone opener could ALWAYS secure a third long before bio could. Between that and the fact that cyclones 7 AA range made them far more useful against Vikings than marines, mech had a significant advantage in the Viking war, and could actually get away with a much slower tank switch than bio. Finally, cyclones openers get very fast armoiries for a good upgrade lead in the long run for their tanks and Vikings.

Basically, Mech last year was built on anything but the power of tanks. It was built on early advantages from cyclones and better upgraded Vikings. Also, Ravens then were marine killing machines, just to top things off for mech over bio.

This year, marine/raven dominates the early game, (obviously with some factory support), and the new cyclone in addition to not beating marines has an anti-synergy with Viking/tank by discouraging fast armoiries and eating up all your tech lab time.

If you want to stick with mech, have at it. But I’m playing bio TvT this year, because it seems way stronger.

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