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Is anyone else having this issue?

I am fine with every other commander including Stukov. I've tested games without Stetmann and everything is fine, it's only with him. I've tried repairing my game, settings are all set to low, but it doesn't seem to help. This basically makes it so I can't play co-op now.

Anyone have suggestions to fix this other then buying a new computer?
Stop being poor and get a new PC. JKD, Stetmann lags are caused by both the amount of units and stetelites he has on the field . Lings/bane/hydra/stetelites + Zagara/stukov/kerrigan = massive FPS drops.
Yeah, same here. Co-op was just fine prior to this patch. In fact, the game starts lagging even from the start (when there isn't much going on).
Yep, I'm getting massive FPS drops every game as Stetmann. The only time I had a somewhat normal game was a Tychus ally against a Mech Protoss comp. Otherwise it's a slideshow from minutes 12 onward.
Probably because the passive buff from Stetzones, which add one buff to EVERY units in the zones.
Also, I saw some Stetmann players (including myself) choose mass infestors who could call down unlimited number of tiny roaches and ravagers, which makes it more laggy.
Game just right off the bat starts crashing my fps when I'm playing with Stetmann. I also seem to be seeing his powerfields in the black shroud for some reason. Can't tell if it's just my eyes playing tricks on me or not though.
So far, there is no lag when I don't move my camera. But each time I move it, I can see the fps dropping. It doesn't seem to be tied to the number of Stetzones either, as it happens from the very start of the game (where only the Hatchery has it active).

If I were to guess, I would guess that the game tries to refresh the Stetzones with each camera move, and that's what causing the lag. Whether that's really the case, I don't know.
My fps did seem lower with stetman as an ally, but I haven’t tested it to verify.
I have same problem. I guess Stetzones made frame rate drop.
I get a minor frame loss when I have a lot of units attacking under a Stetellite. But it's nothing compared to the 0.2 FPS you get when you use Zeratul's golden colossus on Stukov's death blob of infantry.
Blizzard, pls help! ~1 fps with Stetmann in lategame :( Macbook Pro 2015, was stable 30-40 FPS performance before our henius.
05/21/2019 08:27 PMPosted by Lumisery
Stop being poor and get a new PC

This magically cant just be everyone's PC.
So many people are complaining about this even if they have good rigs, myself included.
Yup, lag issues with Stetmann. I could accept if the speed bonus was reduced or even left, in order to stop the lag, else he is not playable at all.

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