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This seems like a game that gets more enjoyable the better you are. I know I enjoy it more when I start facing better opponents, and playing in Diamond is a lot more fun than it was playing in Silver.

However, in order to get better you really have to play a lot. The problem is I feel like I don't have any more time to dedicate to this game. With work, house projects, family time (new baby), exercise, and other hobbies, I have less and less time to play SC2, which means I have almost no chances to maintain my current MMR, let alone increase it. I spent a lot of my working hours at a computer and the last thing I want to do when I get home is play on the computer.

A person playing two hours a week just can't compete with someone playing two hours a day. And this doesn't seem like the kind of game you'd want to just play every once in a while.

I love the game, but it seems like it isn't worth it anymore. It's kind of starting to feel like a waste of time (playing video games in general). Do you folks who are in Masters and above make the time to play, and do you find that over the years it's becoming more difficult to want to spent hours a week on SC2? Or is it simply just that SC2 a priority for you?

I guess I'm afraid I'm becoming uninterested in SC2 - and gaming in general - and I wonder if others experience the same feelings.
This seems like a game that gets more enjoyable the better you are.

Not really. The further that you climb the ladder the more and more the games become out of your control. At lower levels players make lots of mistakes either their decision-making or micro or positioning Etc, and this gives you a lot of power as a player to improve your play to avoid your own mistakes and to learn how to provoke mistakes from your opponent. At higher levels it becomes increasingly harder to provoke mistakes and the game becomes a game of endurance where it's all about who can keep up 500 APM the longest. Starcraft 2 isn't a strategy game anymore, it's an endurance game. It's very poorly designed.

There used to be strategy at higher levels but in blizzards crusade to delete game ending moments they ironically deleted strategic tools. A strategic tool is by definition a tool that can force a harsh outcome - an outcome that is so harsh that the player has to avoid that outcome on a strategic level. They have to control the game state to avoid that scenario. You can't handle that scenario after it occurs or as it is occurring, you have to handle it before by preventing it from happening. This creates strategy. Blizzard deleted it all to make the game more casual friendly and the sc2 that a lot of people knew and loved is basically dead.
I am the same,
mortgage, kids, long commute.
absolutely amazing game - SC2 is but can only find 2 to 3 hours a week - max to play it.
It is frustrating that the people at my low level are either absolute beginners or for some reason much better but hardly at my level.
I shrug my shoulders and live with that but the love for the game is still strong.
If anyone can suggest another game that is less rugged for skill level bashing others then please let me know.
Uh, what were those game-ending moments or strategic moments that Blizzard deleted? Archon toilet? Brood Lord-Infestor from Wings of Liberty (I can't remember why they used to be so strong)?
You can play the game, but you won't be as good as a player who can play more. Your mmr will drop until you stay at a rank in which you can play and having a 50% wr without problems .

This past 9 months I had to stop playing weekly because I moved into another city and couldn't play onlineThis year could play a couple of weeks and my mmr dropped a lot to that point, I'm worse than before, but I'm still getting some wins and nice games. If you like the game, play it, it's a great game even because it's pretty competitive even on lower leagues than master.

I play because I have fun playing, I'm not currently playing because I want to get better or to increase my mmr, you could do the same. If you don't have time, play when you can and don't worry about your level, just play and enjoy.You can also follow or watch vods/streams when you can't play or don't want to play.
Well it depends. I'm in the same boat, I have large periods without playing. However I can maintain low master / high diamond with playing few games per month so it's not only how much time you spent (sure if I play 6-8hrs a day like I did with SC1 I could be much better but playing few games for fun or a team game from time to time has nothing to do with enjoying it nor it feels like wasting time with the years. You can't waste time with something you use to relax.

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