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One small bug that annoys me a bit is that after I have played a random commander (which I often do), the one that was chosen will be selected on the screen after the match. If I played random I want to continue with random. Feels like a minor issue to fix, but would be highly appreciated. Cheers!
The randomness of 'random' needs fixing more, i think. I'll often play a total 3 or 4 commanders over 10+ games, all under 'random'. Idk about you guys, but those numbers don't seem to line up to me.
This is actually something called the Gambler's Fallacy. The fact you played a commander previously has no bearing on the chance of rolling them in the next game - it's always 1 in 17 (as of writing this post).

Because of this, when randomising a selection, quite a few games now deliberately reduce the chance of picking a choice that had turned up previously in order to appear more 'random'. For example, in modern Tetris games, the game picks the next pieces from a virtual bag rather than selecting one of the seven tetriminos at random, because of the problem of a string of Z- and S-pieces showing up or an I-piece (long piece) not appearing for 30+ turns (a so-called long piece drought that you see on the NES Tetris championships).
That's a cool topic, but i'm not sure it's applicable here. If it were avoiding previous picks, we'd have the opposite problem and never see a commander twice in a row. I think putting something like that in effect would be an improvement, tbh. Kinda getting annoyed of playing Swann, Ab, and Al for 6 straight hours

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