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I personally like the Golden Age skins a lot and would like to have them in coop.
At the same time i am bored by commanders with overkill skills.
For example wave-deleting bombardments or this kind of stuff.

I would like a Protoss Commander with all vanilla units - and vanilla gameplay - but with stronger upgrades at the Forge and the CyCore.

For example double or triple the attack bonus of the forge upgrades and give each armor and shield upgrade a boost of HP / SP similar to raynor.

Effectively the commander would be similar to Fenix, but without hero units, special skills or restricted units. Just very strong units and many possibilities to choose from.

What else would be needed to make this feasable?
Artanis, Karax.
05/29/2019 07:00 AMPosted by Nineball
Artanis, Karax.

Beams of death ... shield ... revival ... double graviton ... spinlots ... timeskip ...

You must be lost, this is Co-op.
Yeah ... and i remember a Time when there were six commanders in total - and most of them could NOT delete waves.

It was a time of challenge .. without masteries ... and raynor sucked with vanilla marines ... no vanadium armor ... just pure loss ...
Basically what you're asking for is a multiplayer ladder Protoss commander with units that simply has double / triple stats.

A-move friendly, no calldowns, no special upgrades, no special abilities, no hero units, no unique features.

Sounds rather boring; wouldn't spend $5 on that.
Golden Age will make sense for Selendis (since she command the Golden Armada) or Rohana (since she is from the actual Golden Age).

Btw, the vanilla commander is Artanis "but he have that, he have that other", yhea, because is Co-Op, Co-Op add even other things, not only a regular tech-tree, like heroes, heroics ability that you can use from the upper console, elite units calldown, ecc... I highly doubt that we will have a completly "vanilla" commander.

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