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05/26/2019 07:49 AMPosted by Sprite
What would you suggest?

If we're looking at a straight ability nerf/rework, then I'd cut the amount of Roaches spawned by Roaches Away! in half, but keep the Ravager.
Change the healing ability from Neural Parasite to a Fungal Growth-type of projectile. As it is right now, they are SUPER vulnerable during it.
Deconstructive Roaches I have never used, so I can't comment on it. Seems like a waste of an ability to me.
As much as I'd hate to say this, I gotta go for the joke...

Introduce a new Commander that makes Stetmann's lag look like child's play. Worked for Stukov.. we're no longer talking about him since Stetmann took the crown of "framerate obliterator" :p :D
I'd say 3 roaches is a better option than 4 roaches. 2 would dramatically reduce people's desires to use the infestor unit as a whole. Also ravagers would still be the main selling point, but at least you'd be able to use the infestors prior to getting roaches.
I would be fine with them nerfing or changing the infestors completely if it meant that the other core units get some much needed love and buffs.
Also some units abilities could do with some auto-cast.

At the moment he feels like a weaker version of Zagara.
agree with some autocast..infestors other abilities, ultra healing (at least from enemy units)
I feel like the healing ability is extremely redundant as sat zone healing and overcharge overshadows it quite a bit.
Ultra healing
1. operates outside of stetzones
2. is a damage dealing ability

Infester healing
1. same
2. also boosts egonergy
I think the only real issue to Mecha Infestors in the nature of the spawn limit...

most coop commanders that can "insta spawn" units usually have well defined upper limits to the amount spawned...

most temp spawns cost supply, or have long cooldowns, or a high energy cost.

Stetman's stetzone really trivilises the Infestors, allowing them to hit spawn numbers more crazy then normal.

that and optimization, most of the spam units are lower detail, and have little to no visual effects and crazy abilities, to keep resource use down, allowing for easy spam.

Roaches never were made with this in mind, having more fancy spines, and that Spittle effect when they attack.

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