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I think the average person will struggle with Stetmann vs say Dehaka/Tychus/Zera since they're powerful and easy to manage. A decent level of skill is required to play Stetmann well.

What I'd really like to see is a video of a top player solo a muta with Stetmann. It seems like his skill ceiling is a lot higher than most commanders. Watching someone with high APM make full use of zone and ability micro would be pretty amazing!
05/24/2019 12:31 PMPosted by Alex
Zerg according to Blizzard

At first he appeared on a protoss map, talking about harvesting the power of the Tal'darim protoss then boom, he show up without warning with his 'Mecha Zerg Swarm' and Blizzard confirmed this Terran guy is a Zerg Commander.

To think there is a commander you don't know what race he is how high would that be? :D
05/25/2019 07:46 AMPosted by Sprite

Infestors though. Hoo wee. Their healing is really bad, as it's just a death sentence for them

you can interrupt the healing at any time also it's really really strong support for healing hero commanders (or even Gary) it heals like 30% instantly.

Edit: what I dislike more is that Stetmann already has so many things to do, clicking individual targets with such a situational Ability is meh. at least the Ability is on a Unit that almost has to be in a control group so it's available in a clutch.

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