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Hi all!

Last year, we decided to take a look at our roster of Commanders, to determine which ones could use a fresh coat of paint. All told, throughout 2018, we successfully revamped a total of 12 Commanders. We’re ready to resume this process with the remaining four commanders, and we’ll be starting off with two old favorites:

Stukov and Dehaka

We feel that Stukov and Dehaka share a similar issue—while their overall power-level is very high, some of their units are a bit underwhelming. Our primary focus with both revamps will be to rework the Commanders’ units so that they either have their own niche, or represent a unique, interesting, and powerful playstyle.

As always, we’ll take a pass at underused masteries and try to address some quality of life issues. We look forward to sharing our ideas! Also, don’t forget: the scope of the next set of revamps will be solely focused on Stukov and Dehaka.

Kevin Dong
Lead Co-op Designer
Finally, it is the day we have been waiting for! Good to hear from the development team.
Change the title at least ;)
Edit: It was May 2, 2018. Glad they fixed it so fast.

And nice to see the team alive.
Good to see.
Always glad to hear from you.

Make primal regeneration ability percentage based, 0.5% per second per level, up to 1.5/sec at lvl3. Numbers are based on Dehaka's strongest composition - mass muta, in order not to buff it while simultaneously buff his underused high HP units like Ultras, Tyrannozors, Igniters etc that lack HP sustain.

Change greater primal wurm mastery to primal wurm (both greater and regular) HP and ability cooldown mastery 1.67% - 50%. It competes with a strong pack leader duration mastery so it needs to be strong too. Buffing the HP of primal wurms from 500 to 750 and cutting cooldowns on both deep tunnel and Bile stream abilities to 30 sec down from 60 could make it an interesting alternative.

Gene mutation mastery should be buffed.

Ravasaurs are terrible, they could use some buffing too.

Make Brood Queen psionic for the purposes of triggering psionic blast consume effect.
Well time for the Wish list I guess

(retouch up on Alarak.. boost vanguard damage to campaign levels, replace faster warwalker attack upgrade (make innate) with Mech unit speed boost-all mech except Probes get move speed boost, +50% for Slayers, +100% for all others)

Dehaka buff list
-Genetic Mutation Mastery improvement [just buff the numbers/make it additive]
-healing pick [change to 1.5, 3, 5 or substantially boost the area]
-all ground units except hosts [Ravasaurs more damage/hit air?, Igniters-jump?more area?more hp/armor?death effect?, Impalers-immobilize/stun unit, Tyrannosaurs..get Ultra healing... base units, tiny chance of getting mutation if they make a kill... carried over into advanced form]
-greater worms [decrease cooldown, make mastery seconds, increase max charges]
[slight nerf to air, gas or supply or upgrade cost increase?]

Stukov Buff list
-Air [Queen-increase symbiote duration, increase all cast range, make mechanical, Liberator-make attack mode more movable and maintainable, decrease cost]
minor buff
Diamond back [probably cheaper]
Infested Marine v. Infested troopers..maybe give marines the anti air attack from Vs.
[slight nerf to troopers from bunkers..possibly decrease trooper attack rate... and/or start bunkers with only 4 troopers]
same hotkey's for burrow like in Player vs Player pls
Exciting!!! Thanks for keeping up the SC2 updates!
Stukov - some sort of healing for Queens. One way would be for their energy regen upgrade to also give health regen.

Dehaka - ability for already evolved primals to engage in primal combat again (to gain mutations) would be interesting.

Change overseer tech requirement to armory instead of starport so it's closer to "tier 2" than "tier 3" (as it is with zerg). Same amount of buildings, but everyone builds an armory (for higher-level upgrades), whereas building a starport with Stukov is mostly done to BM Amon, like mule-dropping.

Cut the gas cost of the liberator to 75 gas. It's 150 gas, same as versus, which is unusually high for a strictly air-to-air unit. For comparison, vikings are 75 gas and have a ground mode, and phoenixes and corsairs are 100 gas but can attack/disable ground units.


In general, anything that gives him build variety besides mutas/guards and creeper hosts would be great.

Make the ultralisk's healing adaptation upgrade (for out of combat healing) apply to tyrannozors as well. They're fun units, but as pointed out in another recent thread, they get worn down by attrition and don't feel durable enough for such an expensive unit.

Give him the green burrow and root icons that are already in the game files, to match his recolored console buttons.
Stukovs bunkers are his best defense and offense. Cut the free units to make them a more defensive unit and strengthen the barracks.

Compound produces units that are annoying in lategame since they tend to block the armies. Make the units more versatile or more advanced. For example some aberrations or infested marauders instead of masses of cannon fodder.

Replace broodling spawn with something that uses less cpu. The masses of broodlings that your army spawns freezes the game.
Infested Liberators -> Infested Valkyries?
Excellent to hear from you guys! Was getting worried but glad you still are working hard!

If you all rework the liberators, I hope you all consider even just renaming them to Valkyries. Fits Stukov's theming more. Otherwise excited to see what you all come up with!
Something for the stukov queen would be nice. Travel speed of offensive spells, range or duration of ocular symbionts.
The moment I've been waiting for! Can't wait to see what you got in store for us Monk!
Dehakas deep tunnel animation takes very long. Even after his HP bar disappears and he is supposed to be on his way a stalker can target on last shot at his .. behind .. and ultimately kill him.
Stukov seems kinda like the Anti-Raynor to me.

The similarities being:

Both have cheap marines, tanks, a fast mech unit (vulture/diamondback) and two airunits - a groundattacking banshee and an antiair unit (viking/liberator)

Raynor, after his revamp, has more options to play.

One important factor is the upgrade cost. Raynor has a mastery that cuts his upgrade cost. Therefore he can allow to start with bio, do upgrades, and transverse to solid mech or even mix mech with bio.

Stukov has no such option. As soon as you have upgraded your Marines and infested compound the game is almost over. You have to either cut the compound or the marines which leaves an early opening.

The second factor is the mixability. While Raynors bio units mix well with his mech, the bio units of stukov don’t last enough time to be of use for stukovs mech. I don’t have a solution for that though.

Third factor is diversification. Raynor got Bio with antiarmor, antilight and similar stuff. Stukov is in dire need of other units than marines or civilians. His only antiarmor is his mech, the diamondback.
I haven't played Stukov's mech in a LONG time, but I seem to remember being greatly disappointed at the long charge cooldown on building more units (this is also a problem with his command center).
It's been a while.

Obviously fix how immensely awkward attacking is for liberators, perhaps increase the automatic volatile generation for siege tanks, and allow diamondbacks to pull down the Hybrid Nemesis. I don't even know how, but find some way to make queens useful to some extent!
While this next suggestion is by no means necessary, I always thought it would be cool: Allow infested missile turrets to spawn infested similarly to bunkers, except the infested they spawn shoot rockets similarly to multiplayer infested, dealing more damage against air units, and having a small aoe on their attack!

I really don't know much for Dehaka, I don't play him very much

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