Add infinite level for multiplayer races

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The cap level by now is 50, and unless you had battle chest, the exp is useless, so, add infinite level like heroes of the storm can be nice.
why would we need such a thing? there's no need for an experience bar in the first place. this isn't an RPG
why would you actually care about that meaningless number? What does it give to you? some kind of e-pe**s length?
What's the point of leagues ?E-pe**s lenght? Let's remove them altogether and only have MMR.
Also hide MMR from players, there's no point in them having access to it, it's just data used to find even matches, who cares, right?

E-pe**s lenght is the reason we all play the hardest game there is. We're not here to have fun, we're here to show everyone else we're better than them and look down on League of Legends players with utter disdain.

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