PEOPLE! Don't buy Stetmann. Srsly.

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Well, its better than 6 month without contents. I'd buy Stetmann immediately.

He's low on power level compare to other roster, but hey - he is support.
And he is a very strong support, if your Allies decides to abuse it & not ignore your existences.

I can already see the cheese compositions for Brutation. Tycus + Stet-Health Regen. Fenix- ability spam on all 3 suits. Artanis Archon sitting in near-infinite storms that dps & heals shields.

- Only the Stet won't get to enjoy his own power-plays.
Actually I'm regularly carrying my ally with Stet and was doing this even before hitting 15. A key point people forget is some heroes can't just be played how you might think, you need to work out their strengths and weakness. Don't just mass a bunch of different Stetmann units and a-move them in.

Try this. Tech up fast to Infestors and then micro them with lings as mineral dump. Keep Stetzone on pink most of the time once you get infestors out. Keep pumping out infested every 10-15 secs. Then you can F2-a-move your army and have the infestors on one hotkey to pull them back. That's just one method though. BTW, this only works vs air if you have the ravager upgrade, so that's key when teching up.
I really like coop. It has good prices and its development is not dead, and it's PvE which makes for less community snafus than Overwatch, and you can put it down pretty quick if you need to go, highly unlike WoW in endgame content.

Not dissing the other Bliz games (they're good) but I personally think this is better.

If we don't buy Stettman, they might not develop more commanders, so that's a definite NO in boycotting anything for this game. I hope nobody boycotts coop.
If you're claiming that everyone else is a delusional liar while attempting to reaffirm to yourself that you're normal, I've got bad news for you buddy.
In all seriousness.

Stettmen seems Individually weaker then other commanders true, but his stetalites might be a Universal support tool that the Likes of Karax and Artanis would only dream of. possibly map wide heals, DPS, or energy regen is crazy.

Though He is not that much weaker, he just has a less forgiving learning curve in my opinion.

Though the Fenix bug is pretty bad, and blizzard gotta fix my Favorite Robo boi fast.
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So glad to see OP getting put in his place for his nonsense post all the time. Could not have upvoted more.

All the time? We are tired of noob-leaches - downvoted. Numerous analog topics - everything is fine. Not happy with Stetmann - downvoted. Numerous analog topics - everything is fine. I don't know what is wrong with you, americans. You whining about things, then I adress to Bliz showing links on your own posts and say the summary - and something triggers you down. You are insane, I see it much even when I read your own wars where I don't participate. Will I stop? Of course not. Because I am normal, the one who tells the truth and you just crazy pindoses, you hate those who has their own opinion and acts, also you hate words you were saying yourselves several hours ago. Anyway Bliz made numerous game changes because of my topics. I address them, not you, and they listen. Color changes and "Dead of night" map were implemented because of me, every revamp was made with my advices. And then you say "put in his place for his nonsense post all the time". I was always on my place, trolls. You NOBODY, your dislikes are nothing.

Lol my fat !@#. Honey, not everything is about you, happens because of you, or has any sort of correlation whatsoever to you.

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