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So I log in to Starcraft 2 and play. Every now and then it says offline please wait but when I connect to the game itself I see the person of choice for my opening screen but when I go to play Co-Op or Campaign or even check my achievements I cant see it. I can't see the achievements i got, i cant play any Co-op regular or mutation and when i continue campaign it wont show the icons or the achievement for that campaign. Please Help
Hi there KzarKiske,

Most of the time we see this it tends to be a third party audio software like Nahimic or Sonic studio causing the problem. If you have these, try disabling or removing them for a moment.

Another options is to clear out the game settings. This will make sure the game is not set to have no sound.

Last, make sure that the Audio mixer in windows does not have the game muted. Just right click on the speaker icon on the task bar and open volume mixer.


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