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Very nice revamp on Dehaka.

The only thing that would need some love would be the Gene Mutation Chance Mastery, even increasing it from 30% to 60% (1% per point to 2% per point), barely makes a difference due to it being multiplicative on a very low base value of 20.

Increasing the mutation chance from 20% to 32% is still very low and unreliable, compared to the 30% attack speed for Dehaka, from which you benefit from the get go and for the entire game, as it scales very well as Dehaka gains more power.

The Gene Mutation Chance Mastery should be at least increased to 3% per point.
Even at 3% per point, the total increase is only 6% chance up to 38%, so Dehaka attack speed will still be a better choice but at least it's closing the balance gap a little.
05/17/2019 10:52 PMPosted by Loreknight
05/17/2019 06:41 AMPosted by Balkoth
As a person who mostly plays Alarak, the Mothership range increase worries me. The Destroyers are fairly fragile (250 effective HP) while the Mothership has as much health as all eight put together (2000 effective HP). The former range of 2 encouraged the Mothership to scoot ahead and draw fire from enemy forces.

While having a range of more than 2 is nice, I kind of feel like I'd still like it to be less than the Destroyers (which have 6 range) to continue to enable the damage soaking. Maybe somewhere in the middle (like 4-5)?

Alternatively, make sure the Mothership "AI" always closes to point blank range even if it's already firing or something?

Just thinking out loud here.

Better idea: buff the destroyers range, hell, i'd like a damage buff too.
The way the destroyers work is every target the beam arcs to from the original targets take 1 damage per attack, up to 3 extra targets. At the second level of charge, the units the beam arcs to will take +1 damage if they are armored, and at 3, the maximum charge, they will take +2 damage. The destroyers beam arc does 1 damage to any light unit, and between 1 and 3 against armored. Does that not seem even a little....underwhelming? I feel either the damage should increase against both light and armored, not just armored, or that attack upgrades should increase the arc damage by 1.

The destroyer design was originally made when you could have, like, 20+ of them in an army in the campaign. I agree that's much less impressive when theres only 8 of them, but against armored targets that's still 24 damage every time they attack to several targets. Against armored enemies, that's non-trivial damage.
Thanks for the Dehaka changes. Psionic Ravens will certainly make Terran AI more enjoyable to faceoff against.

Of course, high ground vision at Level 10 is appreciated.

Also, nice to see Dakrun get some love.

Ty.. tyvm.
So delighted to see updates to co-op! I LOVE this mode and all the hard work your team has poured into it over the years. Keep producing content, and we'll keep buying it!
I'm assuming the psionic tag for the Raven Type-II and Theia Raven are for consistency's sake. There's no way for Dehaka to devour them as far as I know. Unless... is Amon able to produce Raven Type-IIs from Nova's Starport via the Eminent Domain mutator?
A minor aesthetic suggestion, can the calldown primal wurms be changed so they burrow away instead of dying when they time out?
05/21/2019 12:40 AMPosted by Togetic
A minor aesthetic suggestion, can the calldown primal wurms be changed so they burrow away instead of dying when they time out?

And all of Zeratul's legions. And any other calldowns that die when they time out, unless that's part of the design like the Aleksander.
@Kelthar I've been working on something new, enjoy!
explode whole body after 60s.
05/14/2019 10:18 AMPosted by monk
We believe Primal Mutalisks are a bit too strong all-around without enough drawback. In order to promote Dehaka’s other units, we’d like to emphasize the Primal Mutalisks’ anti-air role.

This is my personal highlight.

We’ve also included assorted quality of life changes.

Unless my actual wish is obscured behind this vague suggestion:
-Changes primal worms to be affected by Dehaka's regeneration aura.
I would like it if the greater primal worms couldn't get stunned by the flying hybrids. Pretty lame to summon them just to be instantly stunned and useless.
Since they already changed it this feels moot, but...

05/17/2019 07:16 AMPosted by Alex
Wouldn't new mothership out-dps all destroyers combined by far, making more sense for them to tank? While also having more value for teleport ability.

Like Kelthar said, it's better to tank the damage on a single unit with high HP.

Say there's 1500 incoming damage.

What if the Destroyers soak the damage? Worst case scenario it perfectly destroys 6 Destroyers. More likely scenario is 4ish of them die.

What if the Mothership soaks the damage? Worst case scenario is has 500 HP left and is still perfectly functioning (plus the Destroyers are all perfectly fine).

Better to have 8 Destroyers and a Mothership at 500 HP than 4 Destroyers and a Mothership at 2000 HP.

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