What Commander would support Stettman well?

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So we focus only on how well each commander will support Stettman.

Support in term of: Eco boost, early protection, helping in timed objectives, detection, units boost...

I will say Swann is in the top 3 spots, Karax healing beam + chrono boost can be helpful too, H&H will also be a good partner.

Currently i rank them as
1 Swann (Gas is here)
2 H&H (Resource recover)
3 Karax (unit training and research speed+, Healing beam, Energizer)
4 Kerrigan (Nydus + Hero for protection)
5 Alarak (Rock clearing, Havocs)
6 Tychus (Good heroes for early protection and objective)
7 Dehaka (Good Dino in early game)
8 Raynor (Medic + Scan)
9 Stukov (The best defense + good meat shield units)
10 Vorazun (Cloak)
11 Abathur (Nest is good)
12 Artanis (Shield and Barrier)
13 Nova (Shield for you + Raven is ok)
14 Zeratul (Stettman help him early, he protect Stettman later)
15 Zagara (Fund her and she will Kaboom your enemy)

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