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I'm just looking for a good way to harass an opponent's minerals line as Protoss. As far as I know, Toss have only a few not very viable harass possibilities:
Dark Templars (Which is usually a waste)
Phase/Drops in their base
Blink Stalkers (Maybe...)

I just find it frustrating that Terran have a ton of possible harass dedicated units:
Ghosts (To some extent)

Which they can choose to forego without hampering their performance in the game at all.
Phoenixes are a very good harassment unit early game.

DTs harassment, if your not rushing them, shine toward the late game when the opponent has multiple bases to defend. Especially against Tarren.

Hallions and Reapers are pretty useless against us outside of early harrasment.
Phoenixes are great vs zerg, since they have so many potential targets for them. The problem is that unlike mutas, you can't take down a static defense. You just have to use their superior speed to run away whenever anything starts shooting back at you.

Blink stalkers are useful if your opponents go roach or air, and good at harassing expansions, but you need a lot of them.
Ya man im 2900 rated diamond almost masters, for harassment early games vs a zerg you can send in a zealot to hit the mineral line it may not be alot but it does damage, another good harras mid game is one dt one each base, whether how many bases he has so he will lose alot.

if you need any help hit me , IBGSuicidal 822
put a colousus in a warp prism (day9 made me do it)
Warp prism
proxy pylon
cannon behind expo (ex 3rd normal base xel naga caverns -- high ground helps --)
blink stalker harrass

thats off the top of my head

02/19/2011 4:11 PMPosted by Hephaestus
put a colousus in a warp prism (day9 made me do it)

Lol I do that a lot. In a match between WhiteRa and TheLittleOne, TLO used colossi drops, and WhiteRa responded by dropping dual immortals. Two immortals one shot probes, so I've been using a dual immortal drop and then warping in some zealots, all the while attacking the front of the base. Very viable mid to late game harass.
storming the mineral line is real epic :P
LeiYa style colossus drops all day every day :D

Get prism speed before range.
did you know 9 probes can 1 shot an scv?

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