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For tvt I use attack area, for zealots and lungs I always make sure to ball up and right click(move) hold position right click hold. Also about army order op would u put thors infront of marines against blinds? Also I think marauder slow is an important aspect of kiting
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When most people think about micro they think of something small

Lol well done. You, sir, are truly a boon to the sc2 community.
I'm going to recommend you cover hot-key management and order of importance.

This is especially critical in TvP.

For instance, let's say you're going up against the classic Protoss Death ball and you have yourself a nice Protoss Grinder. Well, without any micro, or ordered hot-key management you will definitely lose this a-clicked battle.

Protoss Comp: Gateway, Colossus, with Phoenix Support and one or two Immortals.
Terran Comp: Marine, Marauder, Ghost, 2 siege Tanks, 1 (or 2) thors, medivacs, and about 12-16 Vikings. (Hint: You can actually ad Raven to this and it is super effective, but difficult to do).

Your hot keys should look something like this:
(1) Whole Army
(2) Siege Tanks
(3) Marines and Marauders
(4) Ghosts
(5) Vikings
(0) OC's

It is actually SUPER critical that your hot-keys are set up similar to this or you will suffer MAJOR losses in the big battle. The routine should look something like this:

- a+click at your opponent
- 2+e to siege your tanks
- 3+t to stim your marines and marauders
- 4+e(HOLD)+click*N(number of EMPs) and chain cast EMP on the Protoss army (prioritize Phoenix, Sentry, Immortal, Stalker. EMP is rather ineffective against Colossus and Zealots to some degree.)
- 5+a+SHIFT+click*N(Each Colossus)
- 0+c+click the battle field (you ALWAYS want to scan the Protoss Army).

This seems basic, but it is not. If you have the Ghost in the same selection as your Marines and Marauders the Ghost takes priority and T does not stim. Getting all of these casted abilities right in a one CTRL group scenario is basically impossible.

Technically, if you are going to initiate the engagement, you should EMP first then stim your marines and marauders as you don't want to waste Stime DPS on shields that will be depleted by the EMP anyway.

Hope this helps!
(1) Whole Army
(2) Siege Tanks
(3) Marines and Marauders
(4) Ghosts
(5) Vikings
(0) OC's

Mine is like

1. MMM
2. SiegeTank/Caster
3. Air unit/Caster
4. Production
5. Flanking unit/Thor/BC/Caster
8. Supply depot
0. OC
Another thing for Positioning -
If you're cornered with your army vs melee units like zerglings/zealots, stutter step to the nearest wall and put the back of your army against the wall. This will allow your army to take the least amount of dmg (by reducing surface area for melee units to attack) while maximizing damange that can be dealt (because your army will survive longer)

And to add to targeting -
Target units that your units are specifically good against. For example, target stalkers with your marauders since that is their ideal target (they get the bonus dmg against them). However saying this, it is difficult since most the time a protoss player will have zealots and stalkers composition making it suicidal to attack the stalkers if you have to run your marauders pass the zealots which will tear your army up.

You don't want to be hitting zealots since they are are so good at soaking marauder hits. So to counter this, use your stim and thus speed advantage to try and dance around the zealots while targeting stalkers. Another trick is to have your units attacking and see what section of your army the zealots are chasing and just micro that portion to kite it while the rest of your army will target the stalkers.
Another thing for Positioning -
You don't want to be hitting zealots since they are are so good at soaking marauder hits.

I've been experimenting with reapers for this. If you add ~4 reapers you can one shot zealots with each step of the stutter. Now if only stim would finish in time we could abuse this.
Well, since this is the micro thread, the marine patrol split technique is gaining popularity.
Take your marines, and patrol them away from the banelings (a good distance away). The marines will begin to scatter and head in that direction. When they're pretty spread, stim and attack move towards the banelings. Of course manually splitting them in conjunction with this would be even better.
The stutter step is a little hard for me to understand, I only know the theory. Is it shoot, then just move and shoot really quickly?
A really good trick for microing tank siege is after you move them to a location and they are enroute, Shift + E will make them siege when they arrive. Can free up much time to get to doing more important things.
The concept behind stutter stepping is to remove the attack animation and maximize damage output and minimize damage taken.

A good example is with reapers versus zealots, you shoot the zealots, then run away for about 0.5s until your reapers are ready to fire again, rather than standing there during the attack cooldown.

It's sometimes referred to as "animation canceling." For example, a marine's attack takes about 1 full second to complete, but after 0.5 seconds the attack has already been processed, so rather than wait another 0.5 seconds (during which nothing is achieved, except maybe he looks cool), you move your unit(s) to get away from melee attackers.
I think they fixed the thor thing though, so that they target ground first now.
but... i ONLY get thors vs mutas, so i would want my thors to auto atk air first... but .... overlords.... ... arrrrrrrrrrrgg
sweet thread! I don't think i'll ever be able to pull off most of these stratagies ingame, but it's nice to see how people beat me all the time....lol
i was wondering if a higher level player would help train me so that way i am able to get better because right now my record as terran is like 60 and 300 and i am in bronze so i would really appriciate any help and hopefully a tutor to bring my self to gold or even platnum
Great post, I just brought myself down to silver and switching to Terran. This is extremely helpful!
Awesome post!

I never knew how that drop-on-the-move thing...

05/24/2011 06:05 PMPosted by scout
The stutter step is a little hard for me to understand, I only know the theory. Is it shoot, then just move and shoot really quickly?

More or less. I prefer the move toward/away from your enemy (depending on wether you're facing a group of mele attackers or ranged), then pressing s for stop (is less keystrokes, and my APM is less than excellent).

So yeah, just give a move command in the appropriate direction and then hit s. If you can time it correctly (my trigger is the sound of the marines firing; that's when I move, then quickly hit s. This may not be the best timing system, but it seems to work for me), you will get maximum DPS while constatntly getting into a better position.

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