CPU Random Spikes 100% FIXED!!!

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ok well so far i have tested this in 3 games and 1 replay and no random bug that spikes cpu to 100 and drops frame rate to between 0 and 5

so all of u having this problem that no one seems to care to fix, i think i fixed

just go to you BIOS on startup and go to advanced settings, look for "Intell Speed step technology" the description is sumthing like lets the system run 2 frequencies at same time. u need to DISABLE it. then save changes and happy gaming guys :)
this is huge news im so excited, just played a 45 mn game with no random cpu glitch,

i just hope every one with this problem reads this, blizz u should sticky it 4 real.
i just fixed something that not even blizz techs figured out
Has anyone else tried this? No offence intended, I'm just not sure how comfortable I am changing something around on my computer when nobody else has said it works.
i build PC's for a hobby, u can disable this , its not gana break ur PC.

i been playen all night , and FINALY abble to enjoy this game.
i dont blame ppl for not being comfortable, but i HAV done this and it DOES work
and there is no risk, its just a bios setting, u can change any of them and change them back. the only thing that can brick ur pc is if u overclock it in the bios, and thats not what this is.

but i just figured it out im shur as the days go on everyone will thank me :)
also i have not noticed any performance loss in windows or gaming since disabling it, im gana google Intell Speed step technology and see if i can get details on wy it conflicts with sc2


The Pentium® M processor supports Enhanced Intel SpeedStep® Technology as an advanced means of enabling very high performance while also meeting the power-conservation needs of mobile systems. Conventional Intel SpeedStep Technology switches both voltage and frequency in tandem between high and low levels in response to processor load. Enhanced Intel SpeedStep Technology builds upon that architecture using design strategies that include the following:

Separation between Voltage and Frequency Changes. By stepping voltage up and down in small increments separately from frequency changes, the processor is able to reduce periods of system unavailability (which occur during frequency change). Thus, the system is able to transition between voltage and frequency states more often, providing improved power/performance balance.

Clock Partitioning and Recovery. The bus clock continues running during state transition, even when the core clock and Phase-Locked Loop are stopped, which allows logic to remain active. The core clock is also able to restart far more quickly under Enhanced Intel SpeedStep Technology than under previous architectures.

Because Enhanced Intel SpeedStep Technology reduces the latency associated with changing the voltage/frequency pair (referred to as P-state), those transitions can be practically undertaken more often, which enables more-granular demand-based switching and the optimization of the power/performance balance based on demand. This article gives developers an overview of the support for Enhanced Intel SpeedStep Technology and demand-based switching under Linux. It is also a ready reference for developers interested in new user-level or in-kernel policy based on Enhanced Intel SpeedStep Technology.


so there u have it, it seems its a power save option thats not clearly labbled

so if anyone has this 100% cpu spike at random dropping ur fps to unplayable. and ur NOT on a laptop, post details plz, maby its a different issue.

THIS issue has been slowing my machine down since beta, i thought it would be fixed with official release, and never any help from blizzard.... but like i always say, theres no mountain i cant climb :)

i feel kinda proud to have fixed sumthing for everyone not just me. so anyway i want everyone who couldnt enjoy sc2 cuz of this to get this info.
This is an interesting finding, Xig. Since you're obviously not afraid to experiment a little, would you mind running a little test? I'd like to know your CPU heat levels during SC2 play with that BIOS setting both off and on. A colleague and I have a theory, and your results could give us some useful data. Thanks. : )

You can monitor your heat levels during play by downloading HWMonitor from http://www.cpuid.com/hwmonitor.php .

If you think I'm being a helpful tech then let us know at- https://www.surveymk.com/s/R6YGTBT

Is your issue urgent? Need direct assistance? Contact an Accounts and Technical Services Rep! http://us.blizzard.com/en-us/company/about/contact.html

Good luck with the issue, and good gaming!

whats the amg equiv? or is there?
well i dont want to turn the setting back on, its obvious that it just throttles back the cpu power during down time, then wen the game needs the cpu, it dont hav the power to run,

wy so obsesed with temps lol, thats all i ever hear on tech support, not just here but any.

wy not reference all countless posts of ppl posting there temps while this was happenning.

my temps get hotter now that i can play a full 45 min game without constant cpu pauses.

my machine runs the game how it should now :)

dont rly hav time to test around. sry, just passing along wut i learned, wy doesnt blizz buy diff configurations of hardware and test there game? i pays for it i just wana play it now that it works lol - hope this helped sum one

Xig, it would be much appreciated if you were to try this.

I will try myself - but first I want to see if it works.

Bookmarked this thread - will report back
Alright (sorry for double post) just tried this out.

Just played a 1v1 and my fps never dropped below 50, I am curious to see what happens in team games but I was getting bad frame drops similar to the one in this thread even in 1s. I am gonna try a team game before concluding this helped, but it seems to be the case. If it proves to be successful I will start doing tests with it on and off.
this isnt a fix for low FPS

its a fix for the Random 100% cpu spike for no reason. and dropping fps from 50 to 0 and stays there for 10 to 15 seconds, then snaps back to 50.

on machines that r well suited for sc2 under normal temps

hope there is no confusion

Yeah thats the exact problem I was experiencing. Normal ran at around a constant 60 fps until last patch where my machine would labor to run at 5fps for periods of time before returning back up to 60.

And just to show that my machine is fully capable of running on low settings:

Msi Gx740
4GB of RAM
Intel i7 1.6ghz processor
Radeon HD5870 mobility
this isnt a fix for low FPS

its a fix for the Random 100% cpu spike for no reason. and dropping fps from 50 to 0 and stays there for 10 to 15 seconds, then snaps back to 50.

on machines that r well suited for sc2 under normal temps

hope there is no confusion

omg!!!!!!!!!! I have a long thread just about this issue! If this works I will have your babies!!!!!!!!!!!!

No one was able to help us but you may be our savior!!!!!!!
Going to try it right now. I hope Blizz pays you for finding this.....they wouldn't even answer my thread =(

<a href="http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/2089111807">http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/2089111807</a>
sticky this please...because it works.

Xig you are a genius! I was at 60+ FPS the whole game. No random 10 FPS drops at all! I feel
free. Hope this lasts!

edit: oh and thanks for helping me even when blizz said nothing to me.
I desperately need the AMD equivalent. I did not have this problem until the most recent patch. It makes playing impossible. I am so sad.
A little researched showed the AMD eqiv is "AMD Cool'n'Quiet". I turn this off in BIOS and it seems to have worked. Maybe its too early to tell. But so far this is first time I completed a game without the spike.
The AMD version did not work. It only seems to make the problem less frequent but it is still happening.



Xig is 10000% right. His fix worked for my laptop. But like his, I had an intel chip. Also, my option was called something different; something about Intel Virtual Memory? Whatever it was, I disabled it and I have NOT had a problem since!!!

Do you understand me? I've had random FPS drops from 60+ to 10 for about 2 weeks. But now...no matter how long I play, no matter how many games I play, no matter US or Kr server, no matter if I have programs in the back, no matter my temps, no matter if there are 6 drones or 200 supply, I do not get the stupid and random FPS drop...

Thank you. I am saved.

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