How important is a good mouse?

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I am pretty certain I should invest some money in a decent mouse because even though I am not that great, I feel like my mouse is really holding me back. Currently I am using an Apple Mighty Mouse (bluetooth), which is about as far from a "gaming mouse" as possible.

My main issue is that it is really difficult to scroll around the world, is this caused from my mouse or is it just generally slow to scroll around? (I essentially am forced to using the mini-map to change the camera, even when its just following troops around)

Anyways, I don't want something super extravagant, but does anybody know if this mouse will work well (or have a better mouse to suggest)


--Also if you suggest a different mouse, I would prefer it to be from a local store and not newegg / online only store.
I use this one and it works just fine. My wireless version of this bit the dust, and honestly, i find better results from it being corded to be honest. I think it is greatly important and imo from your post you are proving the point. You find it hard to navigate, i'm sure selecting units and micro management takes additional time as well because of your mouse issue. i would definitely suggest investing in a more "gaming" mouse to fit your needs, i think it will greatly increase what you get out the game and make it more fun as well :)

good luck and have fun
I use a basic ol' Microsoft wired optical mouse. I don't know if I can ever replace them, they're so small and work very well. Was only like $12 too.
basic here again too..all preference i think..mine was a cheap mini corded one from wally...$10 i think..i have small girly hands so i like mini mice.if you want a gaming mouse that aint too pricey logitec
Yeah, working well + comfortable are the top priorities for the mouse.

So, in general does it seem like any basic wired mouse should do the trick, or is there any reason to invest in the mouse I posted originally?

Thanks again.
I just use an mx518, and I've been perfectly happy with it.
Razer DeathAdder with the Goliathus alpha mousepad. Best money I've ever spent.
im using some logitech wireless peice of crap and i do fine, though i wouldn't complain if i had a death-adder
I use the WoW MMO mouse and besides the fact that the finish is disintegrating, It works great. If you want a gaming mouse I'd advise avoiding Razer. Their hardware is fine but the software and drivers backing it is horrible. ever since ideazon was nabbed by steelseries, I've been having a hard time finding a decent gaming hardware brand.
If you have never used a good mouse with a good mouse pad, try it. I recommend the Logitech G500 and a mouse pad from (although their online store has been down for a while).

Programmable buttons are nice too. I haven't really found the need for complicated macros, but just moving some keyboard shortcuts to the mouse keeps your other hand from jumping all around the keyboard.
A 'good' (ie expensive) mouse is mostly unnecessary for SC2.

DPI and other specs aren't nearly as important as they would for, say, an FPS.

That said... a good keyboard will make far more of a difference.
Thanks for the input everybody, I tried an old wired mouse which came with my computer a while back, and it worked significantly better; a tad uncomfortable, but worked well.

Had this for two years (coming up on 3). It's just now started to act funny, like double clicking and dropping highlights, but it's still held up very nicely for the $40 I spent.
Just a regular 'ol wireless logitech mouse
Razer Lachesis...

I've been playing with their mouses for years and would never go back to a non-razer mouse...

Grip is awesome, weight is perfect, ability to change sensitivity, big buttons, wired, long wires...

Well in a fps game it would really matter. A mouse with a cord is always better then a wireless mouse. I bought this mouse refurbished from ebay and have not had any problems. I could feel a huge difference as soon as I started using it. I am very glad I shelled out the 20$. Normally its 60$. I use a microsoft Habu mouse. Oh yeah I also bought a 10$ mouse pad.
Use whatever mouse feels confortable in your hand. I would not recommend a wireless mouse as they can be prone to probelms. I used a basic logitech wireless mouse and keyboard combo and it caused nothing but frustration. Too many times the batteries would die on me and I could do nothing but watch as I got my ass handed to me. Eventually the wireless reciever stopped working making both my mouse and keyboard useless.

It may seem like a waste of money to spend around 200 dollars on a good mouse and keyboard but you wont be dissapointed, it makes a huge difference.

I use a Logitech G5 laser gaming mouse and G15 keyboard.
Logitec MX518

Cheap and Efficient.
I'm not sure if this has been answered or not, but I believe the map scroll speed can be altered under preferences as I myself prefer it to move quite quickly as well.

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