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Technical Support
I guess there's no answer to the "paged pool memory" issue. I'm kinda sad; the game looks slick, the few times I got to play it.

I posted the issue and my I actually posted a full DXDiag post in another thread, but the entire thread was swept away somehow.

Very dissatisfied with the support I got for this one, both from a technical standpoint (the one human being I got on the phone essentially tried to have me play around with virtual memory settings and nothing more, which did absolutely nothing), and from just a customer standpoint (multiple instances of this issue have been reported on the forums, not ONE official response has been made).

I'll just chalk that one up to my "sucker tax" being paid for the year on games. These things happen; everyone gets suckered sometimes, and I just rolled a critical failure on that one was all.

Good luck, folks. Have fun, and I guess I'll see you around for SC3, if/when it comes out. Maybe.

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