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It’s an exciting time in StarCraft II history. The first ever season is drawing to a close, and Season 2 is about to begin. We have some important information on how the end of season process will happen, and the times and dates for each step.

During maintenance next Tuesday morning, March 22, the ladders will be locked. The lock will mean that no further league promotions or demotions can occur, and bonus pools will stop growing. So now’s the time to push for that promotion! Once locked to a league and division players can continue to play out their bonus pools and compete for standing within their division until the actual end of the season.

During morning maintenance the following Tuesday, March 29, Season 1 will end and Season 2 will begin. Season milestone rewards will be locked in, and bonus pools will start over. Internal skill ratings used for matchmaking and league placement will carry over from the previous season, so players who have played their placement matches in the previous season will only need to play one new placement match.

A couple weeks later we'll be ready to launch the Grandmaster league the morning of April 12. For more information on this premiere league check out our recent blog at-
rest in peace season 1
And what about patch 1.3?

Time to play seriously.

03/18/2011 9:24 AMPosted by tGAndroid
This sucks, whats the point of laddering when you cant get points? ill be bored for weeks.

I think you still get points for wins.
03/18/2011 9:24 AMPosted by tGAndroid
This sucks, whats the point of laddering when you cant get points? ill be bored for weeks.

You can get points. You can't go up/down a league (plat to diamond, say, or diamond to plat), but you can aim to be #1 in your league!
Thank you.
wouldn't want to get demoted right before the lock...might wait till the lock to keep laddering, pretty sure I am on the edge.
03/18/2011 9:08 AMPosted by Nethaera
Season milestone rewards will be distributed (more info about these in an upcoming blog)

cool prizes, hope I get one!
So the entire ladder gets reset?
Sad day in starcraft :(

But to all those who have been groaning over this, you just have to be PATIENT. They finally came out and told us all the dates of when things will happen. See people? be patient with Blizzard :)

Looks like Blizzard took our community idea of having the decay system back for grand master league!

Question though Neth... Are we going to get to keep our portraits? Will there be a screen on battle.net that shows our previous season stats?
Huh, I see... thought the league lock would be post 1.3,...
That either means 1.3 will be before/on Tuesday or they're sneaking in that change without 1.3, yes?
what about arranged team ranks? is that also just 1 placement match?
you said you can still gain points but after the leagues are locked does winning & losing effect our mmr?

say i go on a massive lose streak(common) during lock down, & then they reinstate the leagues & start season 2, after i play a game whether i win or lose will i be demoted due too my losing streak that occured during lockdown?
I would assume MMR does fluctuate still -- it obviously influences who you play, regardless of your league.

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