Who is the Best Protoss Player in the World?

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Well I don't know who the best is but white-ra is by far my favorite. Come on. Who doesn't want to be as old as him and still playing games professionally.
MC rules over the Starcraft Pros using fear as his ultimate weapon. He is so confident that he is the best, it mentally gimps the opponent. I honestly do not think he would be top dog if it wasn't for his confidence.

That said, I like HuK. He isn't confident like MC but he has this drive inside him to always better himself. I can see him giving MC a run for his money in a few months, maybe even sooner if some crazy things happen in the GSL.

TL/DR: MC = Best. HuK = Favorite. (Mentioning Kiwikaki because I love his creativity. He is a baller.)
Hul is really good too. I'm not so excited about WhiteRa lately. Boring wins and sad losses
MC is the best player of any race in the world bar none nevermind just protoss.
03/18/2011 3:04 PMPosted by Nix
MC is the best player of any race in the world bar none nevermind just protoss.

So that's why he has won all those GSL finals?
03/18/2011 10:27 AMPosted by yourking
oGsMC both
03/18/2011 3:28 PMPosted by Nukeball
MC is the best player of any race in the world bar none nevermind just protoss.

So that's why he has won all those GSL finals?

Well considering he's going to win his second one tonight yes that's why he's won both those GSL finals. I don't even want to imagine how unbeatable he'd be if he played a race that wasn't horribly broken
I'd go with MC as the best too, but HuK and White-Ra are usually the most fun and creative to watch.

By the way, I went to sc2ranks.com and looked at the top Protoss players. The top Protoss in North America is some dude named CombatEX. Anyone heard of him? I never have. If he's good, I'd like to see some replays, could be useful.
Who ever said : "blank" by far

clearly has no clue what he is talking about.
All the Pro level toss are prety close to each other skill wise. Huk has the best win/loose i believe, WhiteRa and Kiwi have more variety in their play.
I don't know who the best is.... although in terms of results it's hard not to choose MC since he won the biggest SC tournament in the world (and Kiwikaki couldn`t even qualify)

but my favourites are actually a lot less known, but they played great in the GSL team league,

IM Seed and IM Yong Hwa.... it`s very hard to get in code A and S now, but they`re very good players and showed some very creative and effective builds in the team league
(I heard Seed will be in code A next season though, I bet both of them will eventually be among the best in code S)

I haven`t seen many Kiwikaki or Huk games so they might impress me more in the future

Hongun is all cheese, they`l figure him out and he`ll disappearsoon enough

I also gotta mention Sanzenith..... he used to be so bad but this season he showed some great games against terrans, and great micro as well, definitely a lot to learn from his recent games

On a realted note I can`t understand why Artosis likes Alicia so much.... i mean sure he`s good, but really he always does the same 3 gate pressure into DTs in almost every game, certainly he`s nowhere near players like MC, Sanzenith and others

Artosis even said the guy knows more about TvP than anybody else (yeah right, and that`s why he looked like a noob against supernova).....I guess love is blind and alicia is his new man-crush, simple as that probably
I don`t get it

peace, gl
Best protoss would be MC by far. Non-Korean then probably White-Ra, Kiwikaki and Huk.

My favorites are White-Ra, Kiwi and Minigun.
03/18/2011 2:09 PMPosted by Ares
MC is by far the best Protoss. my favorite is a tie between HuK and Kiwi
huk or minigun for sure
MC for sure.
MC is the best and my favorite players are HuK and Tyler.
If we're judging by chest hair, then my vote is for Liquid'Tyler. If we're going by the ability to impersonate Total Biscuit, then I'd say iNcontrol is the best protoss.
Athene is the best protoss in the world hands down.
ogsMC always all ins...
Just because its later game doesn't make it less cheesy.
His games ARE very entertaining though.
oGsMC is the best and he will crush JulyZerg in 1hour and 10minutes. My fav is also MC because of his arrogance and prideful manners and he IS the Kaiser of Protss.

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