Who is the Best Protoss Player in the World?

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MC good at 2 base timing attacks, wouldn't say he's the best.

HuK definitely proving himself, Killer is pretty consistent and there is a lot of Canadian and European protoss talent.

Why must people necro threads
why does no one mention LiquidHero? He's awesome!
OZ and JYP are top Teir Protoss.
03/18/2011 09:45 AMPosted by Shuriken
Who is the best player do you think?

do i really have to pick there are so many awesome people ._.
EX: HuK, WhiteRa

03/18/2011 09:45 AMPosted by Shuriken
Who is your favorite?

Me of course
didnt Huk beat MC? I think besides Huk and MC, whitera is probably the most creative and the biggest model for metagame changes
I don't think MC was really playing to win in the MLG finals. I mean, come on, he cannon rushed HuK. Those two are good friends, and I believe they train in the oGs house in Korea together. Both are very good in my opinion, and certainly top 5 in the world. I root for them in tournaments.

Whitera and Kiwikaki are the most entertaining players. Whitera has some amazing special tactics. Kiwikaki is a very creative player. His mothership play is always exciting to watch.
I say Puzzle. MC is overrated.
Huk is definitely gonna be the best, right now protoss are at their downfall, i mean in GSL no protoss is gonna stand a chance now b4 protoss's last hope was MC but he is on a huge downfall, and the top players likely to win are like NesTea, MVP, MMA, Marine king, maybe leenock (16 yearold beast), and DRG no protoss are top to win mc is on a huge downfall, to me i think Huk is gonna be the best why because he wen't from no chance against MC, and July, and now he's whipping their butts in MLG, Dreamhack and ladder Huk is by far improving the fastest, idk who to say is the best right now, but for sure we're gonna see huk get up there.
HuK/MC...both can easily take a huge tourny on any given day...
HuK is my fav (O Canada) but i LOVE to watch WhiteRa...colo drops? yes plz!
Huk is the most consistent protoss in the world atm, no doubt about it. But i find HerO to be very fun to watch. No bias whatsoever from recent win, I have watched HerO a lot since he joined Liquid and I think his PvZ style is really cool and fun to watch.
AtheneWins....oh wait he s the best paladin in the world.
I would say HuK is the best, Naniwa or MC as my favorite
Oz, Puzzle, Hero are the protoss saviors....I'm not sure why people say Huk is consistent, he is the MOST INCONSISTENT protoss in the world.
In terms of actaull skill currently skMC is a very good player, but he can be rather inconsistent when it comes to tourneys. I would defiantly say the top 3 protoss players would be liquid hero, probably the most methodical player out there. Startale parting, pest pvt player in the world. Howeer my personal favourite would have to be Startale squirtle, he legit comes out of no where from Code A and he's probably gonna win this current GSL even though its his first time in Code S...that is skill
As of May 2012, Squirtle is the best Protoss player in the world.

MC is overrated. Parting needs his pvz and pvp proven. Hero need to be more consistent.
The best and my favorite is MC

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