Zorca's Text Adventure Three

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You decide to check the Medical Ward as well. She isn't there either. You leave, taking a random turn and walking down the hallway. Mentally noting to yourself, you decide to remember to search Isaac and Clark's stuff.

While you're thinking , you pass a door in which you hear screaming behind. Maribeth stops as you stop to listen.
Open the door a bit and see whats goin on.
floomp stop focusing on the facts and start using your imagination, if it wasn't for you all the realism in this story would be long gone. I'd say the fact that she is gone means she is being questioned by dominion ghosts, who will soon realize I was with her. Fearing for my own life i would plan to hijack a viking later that night.
What Pyre said
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Open the door a bit and see whats goin on.

You move to open the door, Maribeth saying "What do you think is behind it?" Suddenly the screaming stops, and you hear running. You burst open the door, to see Trinity, on the ground and beaten. Whoever had done this to her have already escaped. She's sobbing, bruised, and bleeding. Maribeth gasps in shock.
OH #!** i copied and pasted that before reading what you wrote i would have posted on 2 but by the time i finished the thread limit was reached, but now it makes sense kinda. now im the realistic one
You ask her who did this then without waiting for an answer run in the direction of her attacker
Tell Maribeth to get a medic here ASAP, ask Trinity what happened and tend her wounds the best you can.
You tell Maribeth to go for a medic, with you immediately going to help Trinity. You ask her who did this, and she just says "Two men, I don't know them!" You take out toilet paper, using it as a makeshift bandage.
Ask her if they were the Clark and Issac.
Keep her talking and focused don't want her to go into shock. Get her to talk about something, anything until the medic shows up.
This toilet paper thing has really snowballed, next thing you know we will be firing rolls of TP at the zerg which wrap them up in little white cocoons. Once trinity is well enough to stand start walking with her to the infirmary
She wouldn't know Clark and Isaac should would only know them as the changelings that attacked last night
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Ask her if they were the Clark and Issac.

You ask if the men were Clark and Isaac, and she responds, "I don't even know who they are." She chokes. "Whoever they were caught me when I was on my way to the medical room, and dragged me here. They started beating me, saying I knew too much, and to say everything I knew. I didn't tell them anything, but they still tried to get it from me relentlessly. When whoever that woman was spoke, they ran away. I think they were talking about last night. Actually, come to think of it they look just like those changelings we saw.."
*medic shows up

see if she can walk if not carry her in your arms
start walking to the infirmary with her
Take her to the infirmary and don't leave her side.
You scoop her over your shoulder, struggling at first, but adrenaline kicks in. You walk through the halls, and halfway there you see Maribeth with a medic following behind. Setting Trinity down for the medic, he/she begins he/she's job. It uses it's laser to start mending wounds. Maribeth looks at you, saying she tried to hurry.

((For whoever talked about the short story, I compiled it all and am not sure how short it is xD))
you tell the tranvestite medic to be careful, then thank maribeth for her help

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