Zorca's Text Adventure Three

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Ah...my bad. I thought they all lived in the same general area.
apologize to Meredith for inconvenience, but explain you have no choice
*cough cough threesome cough cough*
Queen of blades must have used her immense psychic energies to open a rift in time, or i have totally missed something here
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((From page 25 of Text Adventure two: You nod goodbye to Maribeth, running off to use the restroom, then return to the bay. By the time you get back ,the doors are opening so you run in. The day passes by, another viking simulation. You exit the main gate at around 5:00, telling MAribeth , "We can search for Trinity now." She mutters fine.))

You apologize to Maribeth, saying you didn't choose what squad you got placed into. She hmphs, walking away. Isaac and Clark are no where to be seen, and your stomach rumbles. The layout of their barracks appears to be the same as well. Trinity speaks up, saying "I hope we don't start a feud"
wait i thought we were assigned to squad L96? now its 721? ????
Bout time for another turkey sammich and some juice
03/12/2011 10:30 PMPosted by ROGTARholy
wait i thought we were assigned to squad L96? now its 721? ????

((Hold on , yeah I made a mistake I think)
Search for Isaac and Clark's bunks and go through their stuff, after all it will have been 3 days since you overheard them very shortly and you want to know what they are planning.

((I'm going to sleep now be back tomorrow [later today lol]))
ahhh missed that tyvm. ???? @ Ghidorah
go to the cafeteria get some food invite maribeth along to tallk. After getting food go to the bar, buy her a few beers and get maribeth totallly wasted.
03/12/2011 10:31 PMPosted by Pyre
Bout time for another turkey sammich and some juice

You tell Trinity you're going to get food, and you walk to this barracks kitchen area . You grab a turkey sandwich from the fridge. ((with endless sammiches apparently)) Trinity asks for one too, and you toss it to her. You take out the juice, pouring yourself a cup along with Trinity. You pass time until 9ish, and Isaac and Clark have still disappeared. You walk up to Maribeth to confront her about that.
You awake to your alarm in the middle of the night, quickly silencing it. You walk to Isaac and Clarks bunks, searching their belongings in the silence of night. You find nothing, they seemed to have been good about that kind of thing. You walk back to your bunk, falling asleep.
You awaken in the morning, it is 5:30, and everyone else happens to be awake as well. Trinity is eating breakfast in the corner, and Maribeth seems to have already left the barracks.
ask her to interrogate isaac and clarke about a childhood experience to see if it is the real isaac and clarke
we gotta get something other then a turkey sammich, make it a roast beef with lettuce and a side of Heavy ala tf2 sanvich

Edit: i just noticed something else, we need to make some male friends, we just killed off every other one like 4 posts ago, the reasoning? we need more friends for one, and we need more people to enter the archon toilet when it happens, if you know what i mean
goodnight and we better not be on adventure4 by morning. I still think we should get maribeth drunk and then question her to see if she is telling the truth. If she cant get drunk shes either a zerg, an elf, or is one crazy alcoholic.
command, ask trinity if she could get close to meribeth, such as the saying keep your friends close but your supposed enemies closer

Edit: maybe wait till tomorrow since everyone seems to be falling asleep (i'm not but i'm an exception)
You walk over to Trinity, telling her, "We need to try to find Isaac and Clark." She nods at you, telling you to eat. She says they'll start searching after training is done for the day. You walk to the fridge, grabbing a roast beef with lettuce. After finishing it in silence , you go to the changing room to get into uniform, then head off to the Viking Bay.

Training commences as usual, with more viking simulation exercises. Maribeth seems tense around you, and unnerved. Time passes and you release at 5:00pm, heading back to your new barracks to see if Trinity will also return.

When you get there, she is already there, eating some salad. You nod at her in hello. Grabbing food from the pantry then sitting, you get to eating, Maribeth waiting for you to speak.

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